Increase the Opportunities for Your Business through YouTube

By Shermy
Business through YouTube

YouTube is a huge platform that acts as a funnel in creating awareness about the businesses throughout the world. This awareness has the potential to turn a visitor into a customer . No one is going to buy a product at a single glance. The product will be purchased only when it becomes acquainted.

YouTube creates familiarity and increase the opportunities for your business.

Improve your audience by educating them with videos

Let's be fair, do people really buy an unfamiliar product in the market? Well, No! People buy products that are popular; this popularity can be gained using advertising on YouTube and other forms.

Business through YouTube

It is essential to educate the importance and the use for your products. For instance; you open a dental clinic in a new town, but you don't get much patients. What can you do? You can make preventive measure videos or videos on how to tackle a particular dental situation. This will create a good impression among patients. So when they are in a need, they will automatically reach you.

Did you know? More than 50% of buyers/ consumers say that online videos have helped them decide which specific brand to buy, from a number of choices. - Google Data.

Honesty is the best policy - Customer reviews

Some reviews boost up your business, whereas some help you improve. Everyone is cautious in buying new products or trying new services. The world needs someone to try the product before they do.

YouTube Reviews

Here is a review by a customer about watching videos on YouTube,

"I prefer to watch someone who has done it before. They're like me, trying to figure out how to do something. OK, they've mastered it so it can't be that hard. That's comforting."- Thomas, Canada.

Videos impact viewers to try something new

When you have mastered something, what would you do? Yes! You would implement it in your life. That's what exactly videos do, it helps people become familiar on what they like or what they want and help them go for it.

"7/10 people say that they feel more empowered after learning something new from a YouTube video" - Google report.

Videos help people discover new things

YouTube Reviews
"80% of people say that they switch between Google and YouTube in research about a product to buy." - Google Data

The need for a product arises when a person watches a video on YouTube. This need turns to be a research then into a purchase. As said YouTube acts as a funnel in turning wants into needs.


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