How Videos on YouTube Create A Unique Path In The Marketing Funnel For The Growth Of a Business

By Shermy
YouTube Ads

YouTube is a platform with a lot of useful and valuable information in the form of videos. Every video is being differentiated according to a predefined category.

If a user visits YouTube, he doesn't leave without watching, minimum three videos. This may include YouTube ads as well.

Marketers are in a hurry in persuading, customers with their new products. But as a marketer you should be aware of the fact that the potential customer does not buy a product by just watching a video or video ad. It acts as a catalyst in the buying cycle. Make sure your videos are created with the following.

Videos educate people and make them try new things

Business needs profits; People need a product that has live reviews and demos. These two factors can be overcome if you have a video about your product on YouTube. Video ads act as a marketing funnel in creating knowledge about the product.

Behind every successful business, there are review videos that made business improve their standards.

"I watched a video, see a tool that is unfamiliar, do a Google search to find out what its called then go to the store to get it."- Jean, Pittsburgh, US.

From this, you can clearly know that videos make people try new things. They help people discover new things.

Videos authorize people to take action

Consumers use videos in every stage of their life. A video can make them buy a product or make them hate a product. People are so much confused as they have a lot of choices to choose from in the market. A video decides the popularity of the product.

"More than 50% of shoppers say online video has helped them decide which specific brand or product to buy." - Google Data.

Videos Make customers feel pumped

When a customer watches a video without the intention of buying that product, but he/she feels pumped in buying it. A video has the potential to turn visitors into consumers.

For instance; a bakery can promote its cakes by posting the recipe and process of baking the cake. This may help your customer bake at home, but if they need it for a party they certainly will order from your bakery. Marketers can mention their bakery details along with the video they post. This can help consumers search for it when they are in need.

"More than 7 in 10 feel empowered, motivated or confident after learning something new from a YouTube video." - Think with Google.

Promotion of a business is more important in the success of a business. Promote your business and taste the fruits that you gain out of your hard work.


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