Google Introduces New Tool to Make Search More Safe and Secure

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find information in a safer way

Googlehas been taking more precautions in helping its users search without fear of threat or malware. Previously Google showed us how careful they are about customer data.

People these days use Google search more than ever. If someone wants to know about some information they would instantly open Google to check out the information related to their query. This has become a habit among people now. So Google wants to satisfy the users by providing valid information delivered on the query they search for. Google has also given more importance to the safety of the users.

Google introduces new tools in helping users search and find information in a safer way. This means your search and search history has extra hands to protect your data online. Google has also included a few tips in keeping your search more safe and private.

Safer search history on Google

Did you know? If your web activities has been turned on then your search history will be automatically saved to your Google account.

When you have the web activity turned on you will receive more related experience across Google services. This might be an advantage.

If you do not want your searches to be recorded make sure to delete them in the activity section. This will erase selected or complete data from search history.

There goes a scenario where there is multiple user access to a single device then the data can be protected with help of the new protection tool in Google search history. This gives you privacy to any searches that you have previously made.

This new feature can be accessed by signing into your Google account and there will be an additional step in verifying your Google my activity.

verifying your Google my activity

To view the full history it is required to input a password or two-step authentication. By this way, you can safeguard your history from being public to the device users.

You can control your search history

Google allows its users to take control over the search history on how they want to appear on the Google account. There is also an option where the data in the search history will be automatically deleted after 18 or 36 months from the date the search was made.

The auto-delete option for the 18 months is available for the new users and if someone wishes to opt for it then all they have to do is an update.

Google has also introduced a new tool where you will be able to delete the data from the past 15 minutes. This tool is known to be the quick delete in Google search.

take control over the search history

This option is available over Google services and for the time being, it is only available for iOS users and it is expected to be available for android users in the upcoming months.

Security and Privacy checkups in Google search

Security and Privacy checkups in Google search

Google will also be making privacy check-ups to make sure your settings are being updated and the passwords are safe. This will allow one to surf across Google without any fear of data breach.

These privacy check-ups will be in the form of a step by step procedure. Once you are done with it you can have a look into the security check-up as well.

These two security measures will help your data from reaching into the wrong hands.

"With a Privacy Check-up, we'll walk you through key privacy settings step by step. When you're finished, head over to Security Check-up for personalized recommendations to help protect your data and devices, like managing which third-party apps have access to your account data and learning if any of your passwords stored in Google Password Manager are weak." - Google

You can also check the strength of your password on the Google password manager page. If it is indicated weak then make sure to strengthen the password.

Google will notify if there is any security breach that occurred in the Google account or if the password has been compromised or even if they are being used to sign in for multiple devices.

Private by encryption

Google uses many ways in securing user data in that way one of the most important ways of securing user search data is by using encryption.

"When you search on Google, you get the same protection that banks use, so hackers and other malicious third parties can't see what you're searching for." -Google

This method was used from the day privacy measures started to matter more. Google also makes sure that the customer data regarding the searches that you have made will never be shared with any third party.

Security updated by default

Google's foremost watchword is to keep its user data safe and secure. In simple words one can tell safety is the utmost priority for Google. The Google safe browsing option will help users from being exposed to dangerous sites and downloads.

"Keeping your data private and secure, we also work to keep you safe while you're browsing and searching for information on the web. Google Safe Browsing helps protect over four billion devices every day by showing people warnings when they attempt to navigate to dangerous sites or download dangerous files." - Google

Google will also help site owners if their site has been compromised or being taken over by malicious users who are experts in pretending to be someone else. Google helps in resolving such kinds of issues. This will also make the site and the viewer of the site feel safe while browsing.

Google also informs that their team is working in removing malware and dangerous content from appearing on the Google search results. Google team detects over 40 billion spam pages that will be removed from appearing on the Google search.

Coming to an end, these are the new tools that Google has introduced for the safety and security of its users. So now we know Google cares for its users making it a free to browse space for the users leaving them with an impression that Google is a safer way to search.

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