Give a better Visual Experience using Image Extensions in Google Search Ads

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Image Extensions in Google Search Ads

People have started to expect more live experience at the time of purchasing a product. Many intend to view images of the product and some even check if there are any videos relating to that product.

To give a better visual experience to the users, Google has launched the image extension where the users can have a better look at the images before the purchase or before getting a service done.

According to the Google commissioned Ipsos COVID-19 tracker, 86% of the customers in the US, CA, UK, FR, DE, IT, AU, JP, RU, IN, CN, BR, MX, ES, ZA, KR say that images bring them closer to buying.

Earlier the image extension in Google Search Ads was only available in selective countries but now Google has extended the feature globally enabling all users to gain the benefit out of it.

Google Search Ads Image Extension

How would the extension feature in Google Search Ads benefit the seller?

When the customer finds relevant images to the search term there are more chances for the customer to purchase the product. The image extension helps the seller in showcasing the product images which will help them reach more customers.

The image extension feature works like a flag in a ship to identify the quality of the products and the profile of the seller. When the seller uses image extensions it will be easier for the users to get hold of the product and get more clarity on what exactly they are about to buy.

Using Google internal data it was found that the Ads with images were 10% more click through rate while comparing to the Ads without image extension.

Brands can use images relating to lifestyle or images of the products. These images will be interlinked to your website, so once a user clicks on to the image extension it will directly take them to the product page on your site.

"Esttee Lauder was seeking ways to drive new and qualified visitors to and increase consideration for two popular product lines, Advanced Night Repair serum and Doublewear foundation. To inspire potential customers to learn more about these offerings, the brand turned to image extensions in August 2020. By adding relevant visuals that included product shots and lifestyle images to unbranded Search campaigns, Esttee Lauder drove a 91% increase in click-through rate while seeing a 14% improvement in return on ad spend." - Google

How to get started with Image extension in Google Ads?

To set up an image extension for your Google Ads first, select and upload the images that are relevant to your keywords. It is important to upload rich quality images and try to cover up the content in the images as the users will be more interested in images comparing to just text.

To get more out of your image extensions, try using both square and landscape orientation. When you upload both of these orientations It will allow Google to choose between orientations when viewed on different devices.

Am I eligible to use the image extension in Google Search Ads?

Google has also framed the eligibility criteria for using the image extension, they include

  • Your Google Ads account should be aged more than 90 days.
  • The account with a good history of policy compliance.
  • The accounts with Sensitive verticals or sub-verticals are not eligible to use.

How should the images used in the image extension be?

Make sure to use rich quality images from your landing page. Google allows users to use the Dynamic image extension that allows Google to choose the most relevant image from your landing page.

Dynamic Image Extension

When you use the Dynamic image extension the images will be automatically added to your Ad groups in the Search campaign. This will also give you the choice to remove if you do not want a certain image to be shown on your Google Ads.

Right now Dynamic image extension is in English and in the upcoming days it will be available in more languages as well.

Google also suggests creating unique image extensions for campaigns with priority and to the Ad groups. When this is over, opt into Dynamic image extension so that you can add the images quickly to the Ad groups in the Search campaign. So that Image extensions will always serve over dynamic image extensions.

Opt into Search Partners

By opting in to the search partners your Ads will appear on the top of the search results. These Google Ads will also appear on top of the YouTube searches. When you opt in to search partners there are more chances for your Ads to be clicked and converted.

Youtube Search Ads Image Extension

When you use the image extension with the search partner then the Google Ads that appear on YouTube will appear with the image extension.

Coming to an end, by using image extension in Google Search will help you gain more potential customers over Google and YouTube platform.

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