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By Shermy
Google Safe Search


search is the very first place to search for everything. Google has the answers to every our queries. But what if the Google search we use is not safe? What if your personal information has a threat?

If it was me, I would probably be devastated.

Well, thanks to Google. They won't let harmful sites and bad actors reach their users information. In that way, Google has updated five more ways in securing Google search.

"We're always working to keep you safe while you search, and also to give you the tools to take control of your Search experience." - Google

Five ways Google is making search, a safer place

  1. How does Google fight SPAM?

Spam can be in any form, sometimes it can so real that the user might fall for the false words and lose their personal information. Google is very cautious about these Spam and they also help users stay away from these spam.

Google fight SPAM in Search

Google uses AI to find spam and remove them from Google Search. This method has been used in identifying new spam trends as well.

"For example, we have reduced sites with auto-generated and scraped content by more than 80% compared to a couple of years ago.

Hacked spam was still rampant in 2020 as the number of vulnerable web sites remained quite large, although we have improved our detection capability by more than 50% and removed most of the hacked spam from search results." - Google.

Last year, Google was able to identify 40 billion spam sites, every single day. These spam sites were created with the motive of stealing user information. Google managed to block these sites from the searches, saving billions of user information.

Google has also provided creators with the resources for understanding website vulnerabilities. Google also provides a tool for its users to check if their site has been hacked. By using this method people can feel safe and stay out of harmful landing pages.

  1. Encryption makes better searches

Google uses encryption to avoid hackers from entering into the Google search system. This will keep your information safe from being accessed by hackers. Google has made encryption between the Google search server and the device so that when a search is made using Google search or Google app, the user information stays protected.

  1. Users can know the results before clicking the link in the Google search

Google gives you the option to read the description of the site. For instance; if you are searching for furniture to buy online and you find a site and you are unsure if it is a related site, then you can click on the three dots next to the results and read the description of the website and find if it is a genuine site or not.

"By clicking on the three dots next to your result, you can see website descriptions, when Google first indexed the site, and whether or not a site's connection is secure." - Google.

  1. Safe Browsing in Google search

Have you ever been so much into knowing information and finally end up on a ghost website? Yes, that happens a lot. But do not worry, as Google has given an option for safety during browsing where you can turn on safe browsing, this will keep you safe from spam websites. When you try to enter an unsafe website you will get a warning sign saying that the site may possess harmful content or potential malware.

  1. Google protects users from misused or bad Ads

Google keeps updating the enforcement policies to keep its user safe from scam advertisements.

"In 2020, we blocked or removed approximately 3.1 billion ads for violating our policies and restricted an additional 6.4 billion ads, across all of our platforms including Search." - Google.

Coming to an end, Google keeps trying hard to secure its users information and keep a safer search environment.

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