Top 7 Facebook Ads Features That Will Take Your Campaign to Better Heights

By Shermy
7 Facebook Ads features

Facebookis a social platform that gives many opportunities in growing your business using Facebook Ads. These Facebook Ads can be in many formats with a wider targeting option to choose from.

Once upon a time, Facebook was only meant to make friends and unite families but now it has become a huge platform similar to Google in running Facebook Ads. To be successful one should know the Facebook Ads features.

Here is a list of the top 7 Facebook Ads features that will help your campaigns reach better heights.

  • Facebook Lead Ads
  • Video Ads on Facebook
  • Remarketing
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Behavioural targeting
  • Facebook Tracking Pixel
  • Carousel Ads

  1. Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads features are cheaper comparing to other tools yet they are more effective as well.

Lead Ads on Facebook you can fetch customer

Using Lead Ads on Facebook you can fetch customer data from those who are using a mobile device to access Facebook. These types of Ads can be made available in the form of email newsletters, deals, discounts and much more. By using this type of Ads will help you reach potential customers.

  1. Video Ads on YouTube

Video Ads are another way of reaching the audience at a cheaper cost. For using the video Ads you will have to pay a small sum of payment for every video view.

How video ads work on Facebook Facebook for Business

This feature allows you to get hold of the products that appear on the video Ads. The Video Ads are capable of driving better conversions to your site.

To set up a video ad on Facebook, you can simply upload the video and provide it with a title, a short description, an attractive thumbnail, set the budget and select the targeting option and that's it. You are good to go now.

  1. Remarketing

Remarketing is the method of reaching the audience who visited your ad but left without converting. These audiences should have at least visited your profile or left your ad after making a call to action.

Facebook remarketing Google Search

These customers are being tracked using web cookies that have been collected from the sites.

  1. Demographic targeting

Using this feature you will be able to target an audience based on demographic location. This feature also allows you to choose a selective location so that you can target a particular audience for a particular location.

Facebook also has targeting options based on income. You can select this option to categorize people according to their level of income.

  1. Behavioural Targeting

This feature uses the searcher's history, the device they use and intent for predicting what the user wants. The data is being collected from third-party sites to match the search intent.

This targeting option is based on the purchase history as well. If someone buys makeup products then she is more likely to receive relevant Ads relating to the previous purchase.

  1. Facebook tracking pixel

A Facebook tracking pixel is a code that should be added along with the HTML codes for the site. These tracking codes will measure the conversions and clicks that occur on the site due to the Facebook Ads.

  1. Facebook Carousel Ads

Create a carousel ad from your Page Facebook Business Help Centre

"The carousel format lets you show two or more images and/or videos in a single ad, each with its own headline, description, link and call to action. You can create a carousel ad from your Facebook Page or in Ads Manager."- Facebook Ads

These types of ad formats will help you add multiple images under a single title and description.

Coming to an end, make use of these features in lifting your Facebook ad campaigns that will help you drive more conversions and help you obtain better returns.

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