Microsoft Advertising Product Round-up -June 2021

By Shermy
Microsoft Advertising Product Round-up

MicrosoftAdvertising has been announcing a lot of exciting news every month. From the new integration with Dynamic 360 customer insight to multichannel advertising on social media platforms, they have been surprising the users in helping them achieve their goals.

In that way let us look into what is new in Microsoft Adverting for the month.

Before we get in deeper, Microsoft Advertising reminds its users from the United States and Canada to check out the phase match and broad match modifiers that are up and running.

Coming to the monthly roundup,

#1. Microsoft Advertising rolls out Similar Audience in the US market

Microsoft Advertising makes it simpler for the users to target their audience using Similar Audience which can be replaced to remarketing that involves spending more time.

Using the similar audience feature you can simply target the audience who are looking for brands that are similar to yours. This will help you gain potential customers.

When you use the similar audience feature you will be able to,

  1. Reach customers who are ready to convert which means you can expand your reach to look-alike users and turn them into potential customers.
  2. Increase your conversions and gain better ROI,
    "Ads shown to Similar Audiences saw up to a 39% greater conversion rate (CVR) than the same ads shown to non-audience targeted users."- Microsoft Advertising
  3. Saves your time working with remarketing list and with the automatic updates, it is easy to make sure to get updated results.
How to get started with the similar audience in Microsoft Advertising?

It is very simple to get started with similar audience, just connect it with your remarketing list.

But to use the similar audience feature you should have at least 300 users in a remarketing list. When there is a qualified level of prediction towards the similarity of users the similar audience feature will be applied. When you use this feature your Ads will be able to appear for more new customers and increase conversions.

Campaign Targeting Microsoft Ads

The list in the remarketing will not be overlapped but will be updated every day.

"In terms of other enhancements in audience targeting, you'll also be able to import these similar audiences from Google Ads, as well as shared remarketing lists, a capability just released this past month.
Finally, as we continue to close the gap between our US and international In-market Audiences offering, we're excited to share that we've released new segments in the UK, France, and Germany for both search campaigns and audience campaigns as well as refreshed hundreds of existing segments in these markets this week."- Microsoft Advertising

#2. Microsoft Advertising Audience network to be live over France and Germany

The Microsoft audience network is a place where you can engage more audience in a brand-safe native environment but it has expanded internationally now.

"As of this month, Audience Ads can now run in France and Germany, expanding our global footprint to seven markets worldwide: US, CA-EN, UK, AU, FR, DE, and NZ."- Microsoft Advertising

#3. More ways to import campaigns into Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising has planned to synchronize campaigns across other platforms.

Import campaigns from Facebook Ads to Microsoft Advertising

If you want to import your campaign from Facebook Ads you can import using these simple steps.

  • For users who wish to import their Facebook campaigns, ad groups, budget, bids, images, demographic and location targeting to Microsoft Advertising they can use the Facebook import tool and import the data.
  • It is advisable to confirm your audience targeting along with the new audience list to improve campaign performance. Microsoft Advertising uses audience targeting that is similar to Facebook Ads.
  • Always keep an eye on the assets using Ad preview. It is also important to measure your campaign performance and create a campaign that would reach more audience.
Import campaigns from Google Ads to Microsoft Advertising

"We've made continuous updates to make Google Import valuable for all Microsoft Advertising users, from multi-account managers to API users. Over the coming weeks, Microsoft Advertising will be rolling out a simplified, more efficient way to import campaigns from Google Ads. We've heard your feedback that configuring imports to ensure your campaigns perform their best across both platforms can be a difficult task."- Microsoft Advertising

To import your campaigns from Google Ads to Microsoft Advertising you will have to

  • Sign in to your Google Ads account
  • Choose which account to be imported
  • Start import
Import Campaigns from Google Ads

Once the import has been completed the campaigns will be automatically optimized to provide the best performance for your imported Google Ads.

If you do not wish for automatic optimization, there are advanced options where you can customize your campaign by yourself.

Microsoft Advertising allows campaigns to use automatic frequency. This will save your time from syncing each campaign on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Microsoft Advertising syncs with these automatically giving you updated reports.

Enhanced Importing for Shopping campaigns in Google Ads

Microsoft Advertising also allows you to import your Google Merchant Centre (GMC) store without any changes to the domain name and setting.

To import your Google Merchant centre to Microsoft Advertising, sign in to your Google Merchant centre account at the time of import of your shopping campaign. This will be directly imported to the Microsoft Merchant centre store.

The Microsoft Merchant centre store is under beta and to use it you can reach out to the Microsoft Advertising contact support.

Until then you can import the Google merchant centre and keep it in a saved file under Microsoft Advertising.

#4. Microsoft Advertising app for Shopify users

Microsoft Advertising has planned to introduce the Microsoft Shopping app where it is easy to create shopping campaigns that helps in reaching the customers.

When you use this app your products will appear on the Bing Shopping tab as well.

#5. Microsoft Advertising Updates on Bidding and Report notification

Now in the automatic bidding of Microsoft Advertising, there is a limit known to be the Maximum bid limit that helps users get more clarity. There won't be any changes to the settings but will have a limit. This will help CPC remain under control.

"While you're free to leverage this Maximum bid limit setting to keep CPCs in check, note that it can restrict your automated bidding strategy from performing optimally, so we don't recommend it as a best practice."- Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising Notifications

Microsoft Advertising will notify if the reports are being processed outside its guidelines and also the recent updates.

With this, you will be able to receive updated reports that will help you in identifying where to improve your performance.

Coming to an end, these are the updates and products launches for the month and make use of these updates to improve performance and reach a better level of the audience.

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