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Reach New Audience Beyond Google at Lower Cost. Access Potential Customers not Reached on Google with Powerful Bing Ads Campaign.


The Power of Bing Ads

  • Access 137 million exclusive searchers not reached on Google
  • 5.4 Billion monthly searches
  • Searchers spend 17 percent more online
  • 29% of mobile searches are on Windows Phones
  • 400M devices running Windows 10
  • Lower Costs

Powerful Bing Ads Campaign

Keyword Analysis

Ongoing keyword analysis through Bing keyword Planner to identify new relevant & high volume keywords to be added in the Bing Ads campaign.

Ad Creative

Create compelling ad creative based on target audience for every Bing Ad campaign. Test and optimize ad creative for best performance.

Negative Keywords

Identify non performing keywords in the Bing Campaign and move them.

Manual Bid Adjustment

Keyword level bid adjustment based on new searches, search behavior & conversions. Bid adjustment for best Position, Mainline & First page based on campaign strategy.

Device Targeting

Identify the best performing devices & channels for Bing Ads to target the right audience.

Monitor Bing Ads

Constant monitoring of Bing Ads campaigns for improved performance.


Weekly & Monthly reporting with actionable insights for

  • Adspend for individual Bing Ads campaign.
  • Impressions for Bing Campaigns & Ads.
  • CTR (Click Through Rate) for Campaign & Ad Group Level
  • ROI from different Bing Campaigns
  • Keyword Performance
  • Campaign & Ad Group Negative Keywords
  • Campaign New Keywords
  • and more.

Why hire whiteDigital for Bing Ads Management Services?

  • We have a dedicated team of experts for Bing Ads Management.
  • We offer Bing Ads along with Google Ads, FB ads etc.
  • Our rates are as low as 5% of Adspend.
  • Dedicated Bing Ads Campaign Manager for every project, big or small.
  • FREE Bing Ads Campaign Setup.
  • FREE No Obligation Bing Ads Campaign Audit & Consultation


Charges for BING Ads Management Service

Our award winning BING Ads Management Service pricing is simple and straight forward with no hidden charges. BING Ads Management Service charges depend on the Adspend volume and we charge 5-9% of the Adspend or $89 whichever is higher with free BING Ads campaign setup or audit.

BING Ads management rates per month with one-on-one support by BING Ads certified expert.

Monthly Ad Spend PPC Management Cost What is Included?
Up to $1500 9% of Adspend or $89 whichever is higher.
  • FREE Campaign Setup
  • Dedicated Manager
  • One-on-One Support by Bing Ads expert
  • Ad Creative
  • AI based Analysis
  • Actionable Reports
$1501-4000 7% of Adspend
$4001-8000 6% of Adspend
Over $8001 5% of Adspend

PPC Campaign Management Pricing Calculator

Slide to match your monthly AdWords budget.

For $ 1000 the PPC Management Cost is $ 90 ( 9% of Adspend )

BING Ads Campaign Management FAQ

You can download the Bing Ads statistics, facts & features published by Microsoft here


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