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Ads Creative Studio

Advertising matters more when selling a product. Advertising is an art that plays a major role in the success of many brands. Technology is the foundation in creating these advertisements but most of it comes from the imagination of designers, brands, media planners. To help in the process Google has planned to combine both creative and media into a single base.

Google has introduced the Ads Creative Studio, a single base for Google's creative advertising tools. This will help in building a better compelling experience in video, display and audio Ads.

"Ads Creative Studio will allow creative teams to build and innovate together while increasing productivity and simplifying the overall process to bring a great ad to life." - Google Ads

Ads Creative Studio

Earlier it would have been a tougher job working with multiple Google teams and products to get the desired tool for completing the advertisements. But now with the launch of Ads Creative Studio, the job can be done easily.

"Ads Creative Studio will bring together a number of creative tools previously found across products like YouTube, Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360." - Google Ads

The features that are inbuilt in the Ads Creative Studio include,

  • Director Mix
  • Dynamic display and HTML 5
  • Audio Mixer

Director Mix

Earlier Director Mix was only available for a limited level of advertisers but now it is available for everyone and this will help in modifying the creative according to the different category of audience. This can be with the help of creating multiple YouTube video Ads.

Swap element can be added along with these Ads.

Dynamic Display and HTML 5

The Dynamic Display and HTML 5 are used in creating more customized and interactive creative for display and video 360 campaigns.

Audio Mixer

"Audio Mixer and the recently announced dynamic audio offering allow you to build tailored audio ads for Display & Video 360 quickly and efficiently at scale." - Google Ads

Google makes it even easier by creating a single process across different ad types including display, video and also audio.

Ads Creative Studio across Display, Video and Audio in Google Ads

When you use Ads Creative studio it will be easier for you to create a team across different ad types.

Google has also introduced a new project library where you can centralize both creative asset construction and management. You will be able to create and manage video from the project library.

Project Library in Ads Creative Studio

"From the project library, you can create and manage video, display and, soon, audio creatives. You can collaboratively organize and use assets of all types from the asset library, allowing one team to maintain the creatives while another utilizes them in display and video campaigns." - Google

The process of the redesign has been predefined to make it easy to generate variations according to customers. In this centralized workflow, you will be able to specify the creative element in the ad.

How to improve the collaboration across teams?

Asset Library in Ads Creative Studio

Improved collaboration across media and creative team can be set using the Ads Creative Studio.

"Your team can collaborate on template creation, design rules for matching ads with the right audiences, and finalize a project through review and QA, all within the same tool. The template and asset libraries also allow multiple creative users to reuse resources across projects." - Google

When the creative process is complete the assets can be transferred to the media team.

"The export flow minimizes complexities and errors that can occur with these large-scale projects. Ads Creative Studio allows you to export to all relevant Google advertising products: Google Ads, Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360." - Google

Display & Video 360 advertiser in Ads Creative Studio

For bigger brands Google allows them to collaborate along with the creative and media team along with the power to share.

For the creative partners, it's a place where you can discover, build and iterate over any formats including display, audio and video formats.

For now, Ads Creative Studio is under Beta for the Display and video 360 customers and by the end of July 2021, this feature will be available on YouTube for limited users.

Coming to an end, with the help of Ads Creative Studio your creative teams will be able to work better together with Google.

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