Google makes Changes in Classifying Bid Strategies for Search Campaigns - 2021

By Shermy
Changes in Classifying Bid Strategies

Googlekeeps surprising its users by giving an eye-chilling experience. In that way, this time Google has made a big change to the way they usually organize the Smart bidding strategies. This will be a lot easier for the users to choose the right strategy for their Search campaigns in Google Ads.

Smart bidding in Google Ads

As Google Ads users might already know, earlier Smart bidding was categorized based on four automated bid strategies that help users to reach their conversion and their goals. But there was always a question raised from the users about choosing the right Bid strategy that is more appropriate for their Search campaigns.

If you are also one such user, then your question has been answered. Google has made some changes in organizing the Bid strategies, by this way the users can identify which strategy to use for their Search campaign in Google Ads.

"Going forward, Target CPA and Target ROAS will be bundled with the Maximize conversions and Maximize conversion value bid strategies, respectively. This means that:

Maximize conversions will have an optional target CPA

Maximize conversion value will have an optional target ROAS"- Neera Thavornvanit, Product Manager, Google Ads.

Target CPA bidding & Target ROAS in Google Ads

As a prior announcement made, Google has now clarified the introduction of target fields for new maximum conversions or maximum conversion value for the Bid strategies. Using this target field, users can optimize their Smart bidding to their goals, the same way they can target CPA and ROAS.

"Maximize conversions with a set target CPA will behave like a Target CPA strategy does today, and similarly, Maximize conversion value with a set target ROAS will behave like a Target ROAS strategy does today."- Google

If you are someone who is using Target CPA and Target ROAS as bidding strategies need not worry, as it is just an update that will do no harm to your way of reaching maximum conversions.

Smart Bidding strategies are organized

When the target field is ready the users will be able to optimize Target CPA and Target ROAS the same way Target CPA and Target ROAS bid strategy does.

Google has also announced that these changes will be rolling out in the upcoming months. In the mean while, users can create Target CPA and ROAS bidding strategies.

"Starting later this year you’ll only see the updated options: Maximize conversions with an optional target CPA, or Maximize conversion value with an optional ROAS."-Google

Google Ads users will be notified prior to, these changes of new fields which will automatically toggle from Target CPA and Target ROAS Bid strategies to the new Target fields.

Coming to an end, now users can focus on which bidding strategy that can be more appropriate for their Google Ads Search campaign in reaching maximum conversions.

Google has saved the day by giving numerous options and tools in the hands of its users and saving hours of their time.

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