Google Introduces Policy Manager to Avoid Ad Penalties in Google Ads

By Shermy
Google Introduces Policy Manager to Avoid Ad Penalties in Google Ads

In recent years, Google has been taking serious steps to protect audiences from fraudulent, illegal and fake Ads, created in its interface. As you already know Google has also removed 2.3 billion bad Ads and 1 million Accounts for violating Google's Policies. Now Google has launched a new feature named Policy Manager to manage its policy violations.

Policy Manager in Google Ads will give you a clear picture if your Ads have gone beyond Google's policy restrictions.

Policy Manager in Google Ads

Policy Manager in Google Ads allows users to monitor if they have bypassed Google's policies. Google has also mentioned that in the upcoming days they will add new features that allow users to fix their Ads, get a history of appeals, an overview of the account certification and much more.

policy manager in Google Ads

The above image shows how to access Policy manager in Google Ads, click "Setup" in the Tools Table, then select the "Policy manager" tab.

Acquire additional Insight and Policy appeals in Google Ads

Previously Google allowed advertisers to view any disapproved Ads. But in later days of the year, Google will continue to improve the feature by expanding its capability.

Google Ads

When a disagreement arises over the action taken by Google for violating its policies, users will get an option to submit an appeal instantly.

Policy Manager Google Ads
Google also has mentioned that "This feature will start rolling out to accounts this spring and will be available for text ads for most policy violations."

If your Ads have been disapproved, then you can resubmit the Ads but before that make sure the resubmit link is available as it will appear if your Ads come under specific eligibility criteria.

Detect Violations during ad creation

Detect violations during Ad Creation

Google can sometimes detect policy violations at the time of the creation of Ads. For those cases, Google will provide real-time feedback to identify potential policy violations before they occur. This will be more helpful for the users to make changes right away, instead of finding it at the end.

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