whiteDigital Stands First in the Implementation of Automation in Google Ads

By Shermy
Google office Bangalore

On the 9th of May, Google conducted a Google Partner expert series at the Google office, Bangalore. In this event, the expert series with automation was mainly focused on smart bidding and smart creative. There were more than 25 participant Google Partner Agencies in this event.

Only the Account Managers and the Implementation leads of the Google Partners Agencies were eligible to participate in this event.

Winners of Google Ads Hackathon, May 2019 Bangalore

Award presented to whiteDigital by Google Engineers

At the Google Partner expert series event, Google conducted an open live challenge for the participants. In this challenge, more than 25 Google Partner Agencies participated and in that whiteDigital won the first and was titled to be the best in implementing Automation strategies to more than 35 Google Ads accounts in the given time of 30 min.

Implementation of Automation strategies in Google Ads

The Automation strategies improve lead conversions, as this strategy makes use of AI and Machine learning. By using these Automation strategies, marketers can save time and improve ROI for their Google Ads campaigns.

What was the main focus on the Google Partner expert series Event?


Automation helps marketers reach the right audience at the right place and the right time. This will also equip marketers to reach real-time bidding and dynamic Ads according to the relevancy of customer's searches.

Smart Bidding

Smart Bidding allows marketers to achieve their goals with the defined budget. But choosing the right bidding strategy for the client account always matters.

Smart Creatives

The concept of Smart Creatives was also discussed in this event. Smart Creatives helps in creating video Ads that capture the audience through YouTube Ads.

Award won by whiteDigital at Google Ads Hackathon

Coming to an end, this event did not just end to be a meeting; it was purely how you implement strategies on their arrival. In that way, we at whiteDigital.in feel proud that we stood the first and best in implementing strategies on to 35+ Google Ads accounts at the given time of 30 min.

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