Use Online Ads on Google to Increase Your Store Visits

By Shermy
Online Ads increases Store Visits

Shoppers have many choices in buying a product. They can buy online or through the local store but the advertisers need to make people buy the product no matter through online or physical stores.

Google has been a bridge between the sellers and the customers in connecting the wants and services worldwide. But it is not sure if the one who searches for a product on Google would buy it online. The method of purchase is in the hands of a customer.

When a person searches for a product online doesn't only get the choice to buy it online but also visit the product availability nearby. To make that possible the brand should have online Google Ads to reach customers encouraging them to buy their products in-store as well.

Google at their Marketing Live introduced new ways to reach customers nearby.

New ways to reach nearby customers

"Over the past year, we've seen more people use Google Maps to explore something they're interested in, not just to find where it is located. For example, searches on Google Maps for "curbside pickup" have increased globally by 5,000% year over year." - Google Ads

Google is planning to add more ways for local campaigns to appear on Google Maps.

Auto-suggest Ads

Auto-suggest Ads increases Store Visits

Auto-suggest Ads help users to display their Google Ads at the time of a product being searched similar to your business. For instance; if a Google Maps user searches for "tank refill", the Auto-suggest Ads will put forward the Ads regarding auto garage that are closer by in the Google Maps search results.

Navigational Ads

Navigational Ads help customers in showing nearby business Ads that could help at the time of their travel. Google also makes sure that this will not interrupt or intrude the Google Maps disturbing the driver.

In this way, advertisers can make use of Navigational Ads in promoting businesses to Google Map users.

Similar Places Ads

The Similar Places Ads helps customers find services or stores that are similar to the ones they usually go to.

"Similar places ads allow you to show your business location to people who are searching on Maps for similar businesses nearby." - Google Ads

For instance; if someone is a regular customer for a fast food shop but their usual spot is closed and Google Ads will appear suggesting a nearby fast food shop that is similar to their usual shop.

Similar Places Ads increases Store Visits

These are the new features in Google Maps that will help you in achieving potential in-store customers.

Google has also expanded the Local campaigns to appear across the Google platform.

With the introduction of product inventory, many local campaigns have included it in their local campaigns. This will help them promote their products to those who search for "near me". This will work across Display and Business profile Ads.

Google has also enabled the location-specific product inventory to be available on YouTube Ads as well.

In the upcoming days, this feature is expected to be up and live in Search and Google Maps Ads.

"Later this year we'll expand this capability to Search and Maps ads. Similar to your circulars or flyers, you have the control and flexibility to select the products that appear." - Google Ads

Google has informed that by the end of this year they will be expanding local campaign measurements which will be easier to drive more sales in the local campaign through store sale reporting.

A Highlight for the products available for pickup nearby

Product Available for Pickup Nearby

These days, customers are more type of drive in and pick up which helps them know the availability of the products nearby.

"In fact, searches for "in stock" have grown globally by over 800% year over year." - Google Ads

Google has updated the local inventory Ads in a way that you can find the products that are available for immediate pickup and for a later pickup or even for curbside pickup.

The user who doesn't have local inventory Ads can make use of their Google Shopping Ads feeds for arranging pickup later. But this is still in its beta version.

If you are an independent retailer and you do not have a local inventory feed then you can make use of Pointy from Google which will help you get your products available online and run local inventory Ads.

"Pointy is free for eligible retailers in the US, Canada and the UK until September 30, 2021. Sign up here to get started." - Google

Coming to an end, now advertisers can make more in-store customers using these new features on Google Ads.

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