Money Heist From Google. Could It Be Done? Make It Happen With A Google Partner Agency

By Milcah
money heist Google ads

Money heist from Google:

Yes, you heard it right!

As you know, a heist refers to an illegal way of getting valuable things.

But what we follow is a legal and authentic approach to make our client's business prosper.

Still confused? Let me be clear.

Online advertising is aimed at achieving new customers for a business. It is wise to accomplish this goal while saving money and time. There are businesses that spend a lot on advertising without getting enough returns.


For any entrepreneur, acquiring more leads or sales through PPC marketing is a major goal. Consider that you are running an online store selling perfumes. You are paying a very high cost to drive a single customer. Will that conversion add value to your business by increasing the revenue? No.

 cost effective Google ads

Do you agree whenever you are spending very less to acquire a new customer, you are saving your pocket? These savings can be again utilized to get more new customers and this cycle repeats, ultimately increasing your overall Revenue.


Cost per acquisition (CPA) refers to the amount of marketing or advertising money spent to convert or acquire leads that click on your site or respond to your call to action (CTA).

Here comes the answer!

Let me explain with an example.

Consider that your monthly budget for an advertising campaign is $6,000. For a month you are getting around 60 leads with a CPA $100.

After optimization, you are getting 120 leads for the same monthly budget. Then the CPA will be $50. Your CPA is decreased from $100 to $50.

Hurray! Half of your money was saved.

 reduced cpa Google ads

Think about how much you would need to spend if you continued to spend the same amount without optimization to get these 120 leads.

Yes. You'll need to spend $12,000 to get these 120 leads.

Therefore, you have made $6,000 in savings. You might reinvest these savings to acquire more leads. Eventually, you can raise your revenue.

So, what exactly is optimization?

In digital marketing, optimization is the act of making a campaign or a part of it (web page, advertisement, keywords, and budget) as good as it can possibly be. Continuous testing and data gathering provide the foundation of optimization.

Google Partners know how to use any type of budget for the best results for the business. As they excel in all advertising campaigns they persistently do research work including testing ads, different audience targeting, landing page variation, changing match type, and doing experiments in bid strategies in order to get the finest results possible for their loyal clients.

It will enable you to save continuously by reducing your cost per conversion for your advertising investment. This will help you generate more valuable sales and maximize your return on investment.

Massive Treasure from Google

Have you heard about the free bonus from Google?

Let's see what it is.

Google provides credit to eligible new accounts to boost their business. This Google bonus is known as an Ad credit or Promotional offer.

 treasure Google ads

What is Ad Credit?

Ad credits are offers that will be issued by Google to an advertiser's account. These offers are commonly applicable to new advertisers with new accounts.

Whenever a new customer starts advertising with Google, in order to increase the effectiveness of their advertising, Google offers special deals.

Initially, every new business invests a small amount of money in its marketing campaign to see how well they are performing. Sometimes due to the limited budget, the ad couldn't run until the end of the month. Google offer increased cost for running an advertisement.

How does Ad Credit work?

For qualified new accounts, ad credit up to $500 (or local currency equivalent) will be issued towards the campaign. Ad credit value may differ depending on the account billing country. Businesses that are partnered with Google partner agencies will get an additional bonus.

 ad credit Google ads

Promotional offers or Ad credit will not apply to the account immediately after running the first ad. Google will monitor the account for a few days. The first promotional offers will be applied to the account only after they've received their first impression. It may take around 35 days for promotional offers to be applied.

Who is a Google Partner?

Google Partners are specialists who have been accredited and certified by Google. Partner agencies must pass a set of prerequisites and Google Ads exams before becoming a Google Partner. Google Partners have the privilege to contact a Google Account Manager with any queries regarding Google ads.

Why choose a Google Partner Agency?

When it comes to investing in advertising for any of your business you want to be sure that your investment is valuable. A Google Partner knows how to benefit their clients in all aspects. If you want to get the most out of your money, it is a great choice to work with a Google Partner agency.

Looking for a Google Partner to run your business?

Here we are.

We are proud to be a certified Google Partner. We have worked for it and earned the Prestigious Google Partner Badge which is awarded to only a limited percentage of digital marketers to excel in all criteria. Click to know more about our services.

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