Google Expands its Partnerships with Shopify to Bring Better Shopping Experience

By Shermy
Google has expanded its collaboration with Shopify

Google has expanded its collaboration with Shopify and its merchants. This means the merchants under Shopify can feature their products across the platform in just a few clicks.

Google has been trying real hard to help people find what they want; this includes discovering a product and finding ways to buy it from the market. To make it easier Google is bringing in a list of open market retailers from where users can purchase the products of their wish.

This will be also helpful for the sellers to get their products discovered across a larger group of people.

Google also has planned to eliminate the merchant fee which would help more sellers join the list and get discovered.

"We want to help people discover, learn about and shop for the products they love - whether those products come from a big-box retailer, new direct-to-consumer brands or the mom-and-pop shop down the street. We're supporting an open network of retailers and shoppers to help businesses get discovered and give people more options when they're looking to buy."- Google

Product relevancy matters when it comes to shopping. In that way Google will be looking into the product information, images and videos related to it. This will help users find exactly what they have been searching for.

Google also will be doing a master check-up from online reviews to inventories in local stores. This will be done using Shopping Graph from where Google will be fetching the real-time data about the products, inventories and merchant profile.

The Google Shopping Graph

Shopping graph is a real-time AI enhanced tool. This tool will show the constant changes that happen to the data of a particular merchant.

Shopping graph is a real-time AI enhanced tool

"The Shopping Graph is a dynamic, AI-enhanced model that understands a constantly-changing set of products, sellers, brands, reviews and most importantly, the product information and inventory data we receive from brands and retailers directly - as well as how those attributes relate to one another." -Google

The shopping graph holds data that includes the change in products, seller details, the product details and the inventory data from the local retailers.

As Google is a huge platform with billions of purchases happening on a single day, this will be a great opportunity for the merchants to showcase their products and get connected to numerous customers.

The shopping graph will help the users get hold of the products they want from a list of 24 billion listings from merchants across the platform.

Google announced that they are expanding the partnership with Shopify and its merchants in the Google I/O. By collaborating with Shopify, Google allows Shopify's 1.7 million merchants to list their products across the platform. This is indeed good news for the merchants in showcasing their products across Google. By listing the products across the platform there are more chances for the products to be discovered, which will help users achieve more customers.

"As we eliminate barriers like fees and improve our technology, we've seen a 70% increase in the size of our product catalogue and an 80% increase in merchants on our platform. But exactly how do these sellers and their products show up across Google? Search, Shopping, Image Search and YouTube are popular ways for people to research and discover products. Today we announced even more ways to get discovered by people shopping every day." -Google

A better shopping experience

Shop using Google lens

better shopping experience

Shop using Google lens

So far people have been using magazines, online platforms and other means for gathering information about products. But most of these products are not available online or through any local store and people will find it difficult to satisfy their wants.

Google has planned to build a better shopping experience so that users can get hold of the products they want.

For instance; if you are someone who is fond of taking screenshots of products that you like, you also know that these screenshots are of no use in finding the same product again. But now with the help of Google, when you view the screenshot in Google photos you will be able to search for the photo through Google lens. This will help you get hold of the products you wanted to buy. You can use Google lens to find the products you want to buy from a picture.

Reminders for shopping cart

Shopping has never been easy, for some it takes minutes but for some, it might even take hours. Have you ever been in a situation where you opened the browser to buy something but got diverted receiving a mail or the battery dies or some other situations and end up forgetting about buying the product.

Reminders for shopping cart

I have been there before several times, it is a human mentality to forget things.

Keeping that in mind Google has introduced a feature in Chrome that will help the users get back to where they left shopping. For instance, if you have added products to a cart in a site and left the site without purchasing Google will bring the cart info to your screen in the form of a tab. This will help the users continue their shopping from where they left. This will also help sellers gain more customers.

Google also helps users to get the products at their best price.

"Coming soon, we'll let you link your favourite loyalty programs from merchants like Sephora to your Google account to show you the best purchase options across Google, helping brands and their customers foster a stronger, more direct relationship."-Google

In the upcoming days, Google has also planned to add loyalty programs from the merchant page to the Google account.

Coming to an end, Google keeps updating to bring a better shopping experience for its users. There will be more updates announced in the Marketing Live, so stay tuned with us to know about the upcoming changes and launches in Google.

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