YouTube launches 3 New Post Updates

By Shermy
Business through YouTube

YouTubehas been a platform for many to showcase their talents via videos and get better opportunities worldwide. There are many people who have reached better heights because of this platform.

The eligible users are also provided with monetization.  

Users have been taking it seriously and working on their content to reach a huge level of audience. But YouTube has been providing just a single feature to check their analytics, which is called YouTube studio.

YouTube studio app

YouTube studio has been available on the desktop version and for androids in the form of a YouTube studio app. This is a useful tool for the creators to check the progress of the content after uploading.

YouTube has brought in new updates for its creators to keep a track of analytics for their posts and the ability to add more images to the posts.

Earlier this week YouTube launched three new updates for community post that are so much useful features, YouTube also says that the features were requested by the users for a long time.

Let us see the new features in YouTube post updates

  • Post Metrics in YouTube Analytics
  • Adding Multiple images to a post
  • Schedule post for iOS users.

Post metrics in YTA (YouTube Analytics)

Till now YouTube creators had no metrics to check their analytical numbers. But now YouTube has introduced the YouTube Analytics feature to check the views of their every post.

Now the users can find how many views they get for each and every post.

This feature is available for YouTube creators who have more than a thousand subscribers. They will be able to find the impression and engagement rates for their post.

The YouTube Analytics metrics will be available for the desktop users and in the later stages; this feature will be available for other devices as well in the form of YouTube studio.

Another advantage of this metrics is that the creators will be able to see how many times their post was shown and the response from their audience.

By using this metrics the creators will be able to make an upgrade to the way their posts are.

Multiple images to a post on YouTube

Until now YouTube allowed its creators to share just one image in their post, but now they have updated it in a way that the users can add multiple images to a single post.

In the creator insider video released earlier this week, Omar the Product Manager, YouTube mentioned that the creators can add up to 5 images to a post. By this way, the creators are given the opportunity to express more.

By adding multiple images the post can be made more dynamic according to the audience.

Only the YouTube creators with more than a thousand subscribers will be able to use this in their post. The feature about adding multiple images in a post is available for android users and will be available to iOS and desktop in the upcoming days.

Schedule Post on iOS

The posts can be scheduled to a certain time of a day and this feature was a lifesaver for the creators to adjust the post to the high peak time when the post is more likely to viewed by the audience. But this option was only available for android and desktop users whereas not for iOS users. Now YouTube has launched this feature for iOS users as well.

Coming to an end, these three features will be more useful for the creators in making posts that reach their audience. Once more YouTube has surprised its users by giving importance to their feedbacks.

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