Shopping Insights of 2019 for Festive Season in Australia

By Shermy
Shopping Insights of 2019 for Festive Season in Australia

When it comes to the celebration of a festive season, people are so busy buying clothes, preparing delicious foods, upgrading to the latest trends available in the market. In that way we will be discussing what people in Australia do during the festive seasons of New Year's Day, Australia Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas day, Black Friday, etc.

Here is a brief article to find out the shopping insights in Australia during the festive season.

Top mobile searches in Australia during the festival season 2019

Top mobile searches in Australia

People on the edge of festive season are busy searching for the latest trends, new products online, finding the best shopping websites, how to dress up traditionally for festivals, the best pair of shoes, reviews, gifts, fireworks, special recipes to cook, etc. this list is endless.

Some of the top searches on Festive season of 2019 are from the big box retailers like Kmart, Big W, Woolworths, eBay, Cloes, target, Black Friday and so on.

"Six of the top 10 searches were for big box brands." - Google Data

Shoppers turn to Google for information about what they are about to buy.

Early gifts wrapped up for Christmas

A Google survey indicates that people in Australia buy Christmas gifts earlier

"80% of Aussies bought a Christmas Gift." - Google Data.

In the past decade people hurried to stores to buy gifts for their children or to their families, but now people use that time to shop for decorating their Christmas tree and lighten them up. People shop gifts in advance to avoid the rush. People tend to search for gifts and Gift ideas online in the mid of November.

Australian Shoppers are specific in On time delivery

Australian shoppers worry the most about on-time arrival of their products which ends up making them search for the product online and buy from the nearest shops. This indicates the immediate fulfillment of the needs of the products. Many searches for on-day-delivery, availability of products; therefore, there is a demand for the product that is being shipped at the earliest.

Australian Black Friday season is better comparing to Christmas for shopping.

In the previous year 2017-18, we saw the searches overtook the volume, whereas in the report of 2018-19 it had a huge leap from 66 to 100 , this shows the increase in purchase on this particular season for the fulfillment of another festival

Shoppers have also been fiercely looking for discounts while shopping online on Black Friday to buy gifts and dresses for Christmas in advance.

"One in four shoppers will use black Friday to buy discounted Christmas gifts" - Google consumer survey.

Review plays the main role in Festive season

Reviews act as a guide in helping those who purchase on the last minute or one-day delivery, etc. by last year we saw there was a peak in Christmas evening and Boxing Day, for apparels and electronics and this year it has even more increased rapidly on these days. - Google data

Christmas or other festive season is not just about gifting

Gifting others is more important during festivals, but buying yourselves with something special will give you fulfillment in the festive season. Buy something nice for yourself too, maybe a dress or even a pair of shoes.

"One in two shoppers is likely to treat themselves." - Internal Google Data

These are the shopping Insights of Australia on festive season with the data from Google trends.



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