Google Rolls out Travel Insights to Help Recovering Travel Industry 2021

By Shermy
 Google Travel Insights to Help Recovering Travel Industry 2021

The travel industry had been left in the dark seeking no light during the pandemic. Many would have suffered this pandemic with very little hope. But now the situation has started getting better with the introduction of vaccines and more precautions.

To give a helping hand to the recovering travel industries, Google has introduced a new feature that will help users get real-time data on travel demands which is completely based on the Global Google search data.

The entire world has fallen into the hands of boredom which leads them to search on Google where they can travel or can I travel or to know the COVID travel restrictions.

"Today we're launching Travel Insights with Google in the United States, in partnership with Destinations International and Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI). Together, we'll bring these tools to the travel industry in the U.S. and around the world with training materials customized specifically for destination organizations and hospitality marketing professionals." - Google

It is said that the new feature is now only available in the US.

Google has been planning on the launch of the travel insights since December 2020 and this feature has been brought in only after testing the Travel Insights with Google in the Asia Pacific region.

Travel Insights with Google

Google has introduced two new tools in the Travel Insights with Google that is capable of providing rich data and actionable insights. These tools are,

  • Destination Insights
  • Hotel Insights

Destination Insights

The Destination Insights gives you information related to Travel businesses, tourist boards, Government rules and restrictions. When an advertiser knows this piece of information, he will be able to adjust the marketing campaign according to the data, from where the potential customers will approach.

Hotel Insights

The Hotel Insights tool helps advertisers in finding and analyzing the trends and also in knowing the interest of the population is towards. When you are able to know this you can create a strong digital presence that will attract new customers.

Last year when Google started focusing on the data out of these tools it helped many Government tourist officials from places that include Singapore and Indonesia. When asked in a survey many critical questions that include border opening were being decided with the help of these tools.

"As part of our ongoing global expansion, we recently launched localized versions of Travel Insights with Google in countries across Asia and Europe, including Spain, Greece, France, Italy, Croatia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam." - Google

Google has also expanded the usage of the tool with localizing feature that would help in gathering data related to a particular place.

"As we enter into the recovery phase after the pandemic, relevant and timely data will be essential for destination organizations around the world as they will be required to respond intelligently and proactively on behalf of their communities. We are thrilled to partner with Google for this type of information that will help make our members successful."- Don Welsh, president and CEO of Destinations International.

"Partnering with Google on this initiative reinforces that what industry professionals need are insights, not just information. HSMAI members that are inspiring marketing will benefit greatly by having access to the exclusive expertise that Google provides on what today's traveller is searching for as the recovery picks up across travel and tourism." - Robert A. Gilbert, CHME, CHBA, President and CEO of HSMAI

Here are the words of companies who made use of the Travel Insights and found it more helpful during the pandemic.

New actionable features in the Destination Insights tool

Google has been collecting feedback on the Travel Insights and has come up with more new actionable features to be added to the Destination Insights tool. These tools include the Focusing Facts and Demand Sizing tool.

Focusing Facts tool in Destination Insights in Google Ads

Focusing Facts tool in Destination Insights in Google Ads

The Focusing Facts feature will help users in fetching a set of important data such as fastest growing destination globally, the country with the most inbound interest and top city on demand. These data will be collected for about the previous 84 days which will give the user a fully-fledged knowledge about the areas that can be targeted.

Demand Sizing Tool in Destination Insights

Demand Sizing Tool in Destination Insights

The Demand Sizing Tool is a new section added in the Destination Insights which has distinct filters in comparing inbound and outbound interest between ten countries. This feature will help in finding the countries where people show interest.

Coming to an end, Google has been helping out many industries during the pandemic and in that way, Google has saved the day by introducing these new tools in helping them recover fast and gain more customers. Google has also informed that they will be seeking to bring in many more features that will be useful to the travel industry.

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