Google Ads Store Visit Conversion Tracking - to know how Ad clicks influence Store visits

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Google Ads Store Visit Conversion Tracking

With the launch of Shopping Insights for advertisers in exploring where the product trend is, Google has also launched a new metrics in tracking physical store visit, out of clicks.

Conversion is more important for a business but what if you are unaware about the physical store visit conversion due to viewable impression and clicks. This problem has been sorted out by Google by launching Google Ads Store visit conversion Tracking.

Google Ads Store Visit is now available for the advertisers in tracking their online clicks to physical conversions.

What is Store Visit Conversion?

Conversion tracking is used to identify store visits from the use of Ad impression and clicks. This can be the conversion from a mere visit to that particular destination (hotels, auto dealerships, restaurants, retail stores, etc.) through the location extension available on the Ads.

"For the Display Network, an ad impression is considered viewable when at least 50% of the ad is onscreen for at least 1 second, based on Google's Active View technology." - Google Ads

These store visit conversions are available for a certain type of Ads. There are a few areas where this store visit conversion gives less importance. Those areas include healthcare, religion, adult content and children. To know, if you are eligible for store visit conversion you can contact them directly or get help from Google Ads experts.

But remember, just being near the store doesn't add to the store visit data, there are a few additional considerations.

How does Store Visit Conversion work?

Store visit conversion works based on unspecific and gathered statistics. Google Ads uses the current and past data on the number of users who clicked on to your Ads and then later they made a visit to your store. But this store visit conversion cannot be hook up with a particular click, impression or define the location or the identity for the privacy of the specific user.

Linking Google My Business and Google Ads

Know better about Google Ads Store visit Conversion

There is a list of factors that are involved in Store visit Conversions, some of them include,

  • Eligible Countries for accessing to Store Visit Conversion

Google has gained access to some countries in providing Store Visit Conversion and they have also made a note that they will have access to other countries as well very soon. The countries with access to Store visit conversion are US, CA, AU, UK, DE, NL, IT, BR, MX, JP, ES, SE, NO, DK, FR, AT, CH, SG, TR, IN, BE, NZ.

This is highly beneficial for the advertisers who have at least 30 different business locations in the list of eligible countries.

  • Requirements for using of Google Ads Store Visit Conversions
  • There are a few eligibility requirements for tracking data using store visit conversions.

    • The business should possess multiple stores operated in the above said eligible locations.
    • The store should receive more than thousands of ad clicks and viewable impressions.
    • My Business account and the Google Ads account must be connected.
    • The location extension should be enabled on the My Business account.
    • Each store location must be added on to the Google My Business account.
    • At least 90% of the extensions must be verified and approved by Google My business.
    • Make available of store visit data.

  • The Technology used in measuring Google Ads Store Visit conversion
  • Google makes use of a hybrid approach with a large number of signals in order to measure visits. A few of those signals include,

    • Google Earth and Google Maps Street View data.
    • Mapping of the coordinates and borders of hundreds of millions of stores globally.
    • Wi-Fi signal strength in stores.
    • Google query data.
    • Visit behavior.
    • Panel of over 1 million opted-in users provides their on-ground location history to validate data accuracy and inform the modeling.

To be more accurate Google took a survey and above five thousand people made a confirmation that they actually visited the store after their searches.

Metrics that unlock when you connect My Business account with Google Ads account.

When you connect your My Business account to Google Ads, there are six location actions that you will be enabled according to Google.

  • "Local actions (Directions) - Clicks on the "Get directions" button on any Google location-based ad or service after an ad interaction.
  • Local actions (Website visits) - Clicks on the website link on any Google location-based ad or service after an ad interaction.
  • Local actions (Other engagements) - Clicks on other tracked user actions (for example: share location, save, etc.) on any Google location-based ad or service after an ad interaction.
  • Local actions (Menu views) - (Vertical specific) Clicks on the menu link on any Google location-based ad or service after an ad interaction.
  • Clicks to call (from the map) - Clicks on the "Call" button on any Google location-based ad or service after an ad interaction.
  • Local actions - Orders - (Vertical specific) Clicks on the "Order" button on any Google location-based ad or service after an ad interaction."
    • Google Ads Store visit Conversion

      Make use of Google Ads Store visit Conversion to track your impressions and clicks on your Ads. This will also help you identify where you need to improve to attain better clicks that lead to more conversions.



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