Deal Pages in Google Search Result | To Boost Up Your Sales

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 Deal Pages in Google Search To Boost Up Your Sales

For the past few weeks, Google has been taking all measures in expanding its reach to e-commerce sites and platforms. From these, we can clearly know that Google has been giving more importance to its customers. Google makes sure that the customers get the desired services and products and also the sellers gain out of it.

Google has launched a new and free way to make Deals appear in the Google Search results and this is to create a new way for the e-commerce stores to show up their deals on the Google search result pages.

"When it comes to shopping, people are increasingly looking for ways to save money. In fact, we've seen that searches for "discount code" have increased 50% since last year." - Google

Google has also mentioned that with the running back-to-school season and for the upcoming holiday season in the US customers will be in the motive of reaching their products to a better level with more discounts and promotions. The seller's intention will be only to expand their sales and better reach for their products.

To make this easier Google has introduced a new tool that will help sellers reach their customers and customers to find the best sellers who can provide them with their desired products.

This feature has been only launched in the US and it is expected to be available to other countries in the upcoming days.

Deal listings related to Your Google Search

Deal listings related to Your Google Search

With the launch, Google will be displaying the deals that are available for the products that you search on Google. For instance; if you are searching for backpacks and when you search it on Google search and when you click on to the Shopping tab there will a list of products that comes under the title deals related to your search. In that, you will be able to choose from a variety of backpacks with prices, discounts listed from different sellers from different parts of the country. By this way, Google has planned to bring in all products under one roof.

Google has also mentioned that starting from October the users will be able to shop on Google search using the new feature.

"Starting in October, people shopping on Google Search will be able to swipe through and discover the most popular deals for major retail sales moments like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. When people search for deals during major sales moments, like "Black Friday deals"


"Cyber Monday sales," they will see a new section highlighting relevant deals, alongside other related sales information." -Google

Deal Pages in Google Search Result  To Boost Up Your Sales

For your deals to appear on the deals listing you should have uploaded the promotion and details on the Google Merchant Center.

Deal listings at free of cost

Earlier around 2020 Google helped merchants by allowing them to sell on the platform for free of cost and now Google has allowed its sellers to promote on its platform for free of cost. For the ones who have uploaded the product deals and promotions on the Google Merchant Center will be automatically surfaced on the Google search result page in the upcoming months. But now it will be available on the Google search under the shopping tab.

The sorting of these products is based on discounts, the popularity of the products, the popularity of the site listing and much more.

This is a wonderful opportunity for all businesses to have more inventories that drive sales, get the eyes of new customers and also build their brand loyalty among consumers during the shopping events and also during the season.

"Helping merchants and consumers connect around promotions and deals is just one part of the equation. We're also exploring ways for creators and consumers to more easily connect — especially when it comes to product reviews." - Google

With the early announcement, Google has already started testing its beta version in combining shopping experience with YouTube purchase to know the creditability and knowledge about the sellers. Initially, these tests were available on video on demand and now Google is planning to bring it into Livestream with a handful of creators and brands. This will allow the user to check the info and more details on the brand or creator's products while they are on Livestream.  This will also allow you to check on their products in real-time without interrupting the Livestream.

Now that you know about deal pages on Google search let us dig a little deeper in finding how to optimize the deal pages on Google search.

Optimization of deal pages in Google Search

Google has reported that there are over billions of shopping sessions live every day on Google. But while comparing to other days there is a huge difference in the interest shown on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on Google.

"Since last year, we've continued to refine and improve the deals carousel, expanding its use to other popular sales events such as Labor Day and Memorial Day sales."- Google

Google suggests in creating pages for every event to get the most out of the deals. But this new feature has been limited to the US and also has been restricted for certain sales events.

By providing an opportunity to appear on the Google search it is indeed grateful news for the sellers to get ready to list their products on the Google searches. Google has also defined the best practices in optimizing the deal pages.

How can you optimize Google's Deal pages on Google search?

Earlier Google suggested six practices for Black Friday and Cyber Monday that includes,

  • Creating separate pages for Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  • Use the same URL every year
  • First come First serve principle, create the page at the earliest to be indexed sooner.
  • Use the standard SEO practices
  • Link the pages to the homepage
  • Use High-quality image

These were the best practices advised by Google last year. Now Google has suggested a few more techniques to be followed by the users to gain more out of the deal pages in Google search.

Create a dedicated page for every event

Google suggests users to create new pages for all the special events in the calendar. This means the user can create pages for all the promotional events and not just Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Include the event description in the page title

It is suggested to include the event description such as "Cyber Monday 2021 deals" which will connect the text and the deals.

Include an image relevant to the sale

Make sure to add an image that is relevant to the deals and the event you are aiming for. This will be easy for the customers to identify.

"For example, show products on sale or include banner text highlighting special offers or discounts. While Google generally discourages banner text in images, text in images can help on deals pages. Any text in an image should be reflected in the textual content on the page and in an appropriate alt text attribute. To minimize cropping in the deals carousel, we recommend that the aspect ratio of the image be in the range of 4:3 to 3:4."- Google

Put text describing the event in the page contents

When you describe the text it is easy for Google to identify the pages to the sale that is running.

Reveal sales details on the day of the event

It is important to reveal the information about the event so that it will be easy for Google to connect the dots.

Coming to an end, to taste the fruit you should plant the tree likewise to enjoy the benefits out of deals page you should have registered with the Google Merchant Center.

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