5 Focusing Points For Landing Page Audit

By Milcah
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A landing page is a webpage where people end up after they click an ad. Most people spent more time auditing and analyzing PPC campaigns or some other marketing efforts. But it's equivalently important to make sure that your landing pages are set up to succeed.

Auditing the landing pages is a vital part of maximizing the ROAS. It is a great way to identify problems and areas of improvement on the web page.

As an advertiser one should focus on the following points while performing a landing page audit.

  • Loading Experience
  • Specialties
  • Visual Experience
  • Trustworthy
  • Relevant Content

Let's see them one by one in detail.

Loading Experience

  • Page Speed

What does loading experience mean?

In a fast-moving world, everyone will be in a hurry. No one has time to wait. Consider you are selling shirts online. A user is coming to your site by clicking an ad, your site is getting loaded for a while. Will he wait until the page gets loaded? No. He will leave the site and move on to the next.

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This means page loading speed can make the variance between a sale and a bounce. Make sure that your landing page should load quickly. Check the speed index for both mobile and desktop. It should be less than 3 seconds. According to research, a page load time of 5 seconds will probably increase the bounce rate by 90%.

  • Mobile Responsive

Make sure that your landing page is mobile responsive. Customers will open the site on mobile or tablet. For example, in some cases, certain images or text will not be proper when the customer opens the site on mobile. It will affect the page experience. So it is necessary to check whether the page is mobile responsive.


  • Offer

Offers are the most searchable text on a landing page. No matter how the landing page was designed, the text "offer" easily grabs someone's attention. It varies depending on the business type. If you are providing any offers means confirm that you have highlighted them at the top of the page. Make sure that the providing offers are profitable to your customers.

  • Unique Selling Point

Unique Selling Point (USP) is the key term that impresses the customer to take immediate action. It will make the visitors customers. Some examples are "Great Customer Care", "New and Improved" and "Fast Response Time". As an advertiser, analyze what makes your business different from others. Make sure to include the specialties of your business on the landing page.

No one likes to make significant decisions without a free trial. Something like "30 Days Free Trial", "Free Quote" or "Get Free Estimation" can increase your conversion rate.

Visual Experience

As an advertiser, you should focus on the visual experience of the landing page. Make sure that all the images and videos on your landing page are loaded properly.

Make sure that the font type and size should be readable to the user.

  • Above the fold content

A clear benefit-oriented value proposition is displayed above the fold on your landing page. This one is possibly the most important aspect of any landing page. Because whenever a user clicks an ad and enters your site, the user will first see the content above the fold. So the content should be clear cut and it should grab the attention of the visitor.

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Call to Action

A Call to Action (CTA) is a short prompt for a user to take some action worthwhile to the business, such as making a purchase or subscribing to a newsletter. CTA must be visible and noticeable to the user. It should induce the user to take immediate action. Make sure that the CTA's provided on the landing page are relevant to your business. Make sure the form CTA's are working properly on the landing page.

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  • Reviews

A review helps to gain the trust of customers. For example, online customer reviews make consumers take purchasing decisions. Online reviews on a landing page help to know more about the business and it induces customers to make significant decisions. Make sure the landing page has a real review of the business.

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Legal Documents & Statements

When a user visits your site they might want to provide some personal information to you through form submission. As an advertiser, make sure that you're providing certain privacy policies and security. It makes the user feel comfortable with submitting their personal information through forms.

Make sure that your landing page has a Disclaimer Message and Terms & Conditions. If you are running an online store means you can able to structure your details about return policies, shipping deadlines, and some other valuable facts that are essential to the sales on the terms & conditions page. As an advertiser, if you have any queries about setting up privacy policies for your website you can contact us. Our PPC experts are ready to guide you.

Relevant Content

  • Primary Keywords

The presence of keywords on the landing page will increase the quality score which in turn decreases the keyword CPC. So the landing page must have primary keywords on it. Make sure the services or products offered have been mentioned properly on the landing page.

  • Valuable Content

A user enters the landing page by clicking your ad. So make sure that your ad headlines match the content on the landing page. It helps to improve your ad rank. As an advertiser, make sure that you have provided a proper servicing location on the landing page through which people connect with your business.

Coming to an end, now you can understand the major points an advertiser has to focus on in a landing page audit. A landing page audit helps to maintain a good quality score thereby increasing the ROI. If you need any assistance or guidance in landing page audits, contact our PPC experts.

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