PPC Management for Dentists

PPC Management for Dentists - No Long Term Contracts Needed

PPC Management services for Dentists by award winning Google Premier Partner. We manage successful PPC campaigns for dentists with attractive conversion rates. No long term contracts required.


Successful PPC Management for Dentists – Get new Patients

PPC management for dentists is an interesting yet challenging job. From our dental PPC management experience, the search intent for dentists is extremely urgent with highly converting terms such as "Dentist nearby", "Dentist near me", "emergency dentist" and so on. The patients need dentist services as soon as they can. With hyper targeted PPC campaigns we will find patients in your locality looking for dental services. PPC campaigns are the quickest way to get patients on your door steps and grow your dental practice.

PPC Campaign Process for Dentists

Determine Cost Per Acquisition

Most of the patients for Dentists visit them regularly for dental checkups and problems. The relationship is long term and based on the services provided by the dentists we will determine the cost per acquisition of a patient. We will take into account the current cost per acquisition from other channels and fix the CPA lower than that.

Keyword Analysis

Ongoing keyword analysis for dentists with AI based tools, Google Keyword Planner and existing data from over 100 dentist PPC campaigns to identify new relevant & converting keywords to be added to the Dentist PPC campaign.

Compelling Ad Creative

Create compelling ad creative based on patients seeking dental services with clear call to actions. Test and optimize ad creative with user data for best performance.

Manual Bid Adjustment

Keyword level bid adjustment based on new searches, search behavior & conversions. A Dentist PPC expert decides on the bids for top positions for the high performing keywords.

A/B Testing, Multivariate Testing

Create A/B testing, Multivariate testing, run the experiments and optimize for maximum conversions.

Device Targeting

Identify the best performing devices & channels for Dentist PPC campaigns to target the right patients.

Monitor Dentist Campaign Ads

Constant monitoring of Dentist Ads campaigns for improved performance with highest ROI.

Performance Reporting

Weekly & Monthly PPC campaign reporting with actionable insights for

  • Adspend for Individual Dentist PPC Campaigns across Various Channels.
  • Impressions for Dentist PPC Campaigns & Ads.
  • CTR (Click Through Rate) for Dentist PPC Campaign & Ad Group Level.
  • ROI from Various Dentist PPC Campaigns & Channels.
  • Dentist PPC Campaign & Ad Group Negative Keywords
  • Campaign New Keywords

Why hire whiteDigital for Dentist PPC Services?

  • Expertise – We are a Google Premier Partner with PPC experts in Dentist Campaigns.
  • We are working on 100 plus Dentist PPC campaigns.
  • We Work Only for You and Not for any Other Dentist in your Area.
  • Our rates are as low as 5% of Adspend.
  • Dedicated Dentist Ads Campaign Manager for every project, big or small.
  • Dedicated Support Team including Certified UX Designer, Developer, Creative Writer Specialized in Dentist PPC Services.
  • FREE Dental PPC Proposal.
  • FREE No Obligation Dentist Ads Campaign Audit & Consultation


Dentist PPC Management Service Rates

Our award winning Dentist PPC Management Service pricing is simple and straight forward with no hidden charges. Dentist PPC Management Service charges depend on the Adspend volume and we charge 5-9% of the Adspend or $89 whichever is higher with free Dentist PPC campaign setup or audit.

Dentist PPC ads management rates per month with one-on-one support by Dentist marketing expert.

Monthly Ad Spend PPC Management Cost What is Included?
Up to $1500 9% of Adspend or $89 whichever is higher.
  • FREE Proposal
  • Dedicated Manager
  • One-on-One Support by Google Certified expert
  • Ad Creative
  • AI based Analysis
  • Actionable Reports
$1501-4000 7% of Adspend
$4001-8000 6% of Adspend
Over $8001 5% of Adspend

PPC Campaign Management Pricing Calculator

Slide to match your monthly AdWords budget.

For $ 1000 the PPC Management Cost is $ 90 ( 9% of Adspend )

Dentist PPC Campaign Management FAQ

Patients search for dentists mostly in dire situations where they need the service urgently. They look for Dentists in the locality and look for dentists nearby or dentists in [locality], your service have to be in the top 3 positions (Ads) which attract 40% of the clicks. It is the fastest way to acquire new patients and grow your business. Tradition advertising is not effective for Dentist. A patient acquired will return back for every ailment in the future or at least until he lose all his teeth. PPC for dentists may appear to be expensive than a local classified ad or billboard but the conversion rates are significantly higher with low CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) making it quintessential for every dentist.

We provide PPC management to almost all Dental services. Here are a few dentist services we are working with

  • PPC Management Services for General Dentist
  • PPC Management Services for Endodontist
  • PPC Management Services for Orthodontist
  • PPC Management Services for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
  • PPC Management Services for Pediatric Dentist
  • PPC Management Services for Prosthodontist

The cost per click and cost per lead for Dentists depend heavily on the type of service they offer combined with the location. The CPC for a endodontist is very different from a pediatric dentist. So is the case of location, CPC in Las Vegas is different from Dallas. Please feel free to contact us for the current PPC rates for the dentist service you provide in your location.

On an average our cost per lead for dentists is less than $50 and in some locations even less than $20.

Just contact us? and we will get back to you in 24 hours with the details.

No Obligation Consultation With An AdWords Certified Expert

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