Google Shopping Ads Management

Profitable Google Shopping Ads Management

Increase sales with profitable, result oriented Google shopping Ads campaigns. Maximize sales and profits through tailor made shopping ads campaign. Win more customers, get more business.


Award Winning – Google Shopping Ads Campaign Strategy

Product Feed Optimization Competitor Analysis Bidding & Budgeting Create Custom Product Groups
Optimize product feed with accurate and comprehensive data. Provide information on every attribute with right keywords and high quality product data. Highlight and prioritize important products with unique offers and value proposition. Optimize product titles with brand, gender, age group, color and personalization options. Analyze competition on Google shopping ads and provide actionable insights to rank on top of competition while keeping the Ad-spend at optimal rates. Our Google Shopping Ads experts will do an in-depth analysis on the competition and plan the advertising strategy based on the findings. Bidding and budgeting depends on competition Research. Set initial bid based on the margin and predicted click to conversion ratio. Bidding and budgeting determines the success of a profitable Google shopping Ads campaign. Our team decides the Product Ads bidding rates for each and every product manually based on searches, competition, seasonal trends and various other factors. Create product groups with relevance to brand, category, margins etc. Group products to check performance, user behavior and optimize accordingly. Google shopping ads performance highly depend on the product groups as it is the best way to track product performance. Custom labels are used to track seasonal sales and promotions.

Actionable Analytics for High ROAS (Return On Ad Spend)

Setup Ecommerce Tracking

Setup ecommerce tracking and implement the code to measure the number of transactions and revenue from devices, locations, target audience, time of day etc.

Setup Goals & Funnels

Track visitor behavior with clearly defined funnels, path and setup Goals with Google tag manager.

Effective Google Shopping Ads Management

Search Term Analysis

Ongoing search query analysis to identify keyword performance and add negative keywords for best ROAS.

Restructuring Product Groups

Restructure product groups based on user intent, clicks, transactions, positions etc. Optimize bids according to the key factors from ongoing data.

Feed Optimization

Optimize feeds with suitable title, description, brand, and price etc. based on the previous transactions. Keep the feeds up to date with latest product addition, deletion and updates.

Bid Optimization

Optimize bids for device, location, demographics and schedule ads based on previous transactions.

Seasonal Campaigns

Create seasonal campaigns based on the latest trends, vacations, festivals etc.

Monitor Campaigns & ROAS

Constant monitoring of campaigns with conversion tracking, shopping cart abandonment etc. for higher ROAS.


Weekly & Monthly reporting with actionable insights for

  • Sales & Transactions
  • Campaign Ad Spend
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment
  • Impressions for Campaigns & Ads.
  • CTR (Click Through Rate) for Campaign & Ad Group Level
  • Revenue from different Campaigns
  • Product Group Performance
  • Campaign & Ad Group Negative Keywords
  • ROAS

Why hire whiteDigital for Google Shopping Ads?

  • We are an award winning Google Premier Partner agency who is in direct contact with Google shopping ads engineers who help us fine tune campaigns for high performance.
  • We help Google Shopping Campaigns increase ROAS and maximize the profits.
  • We do not charge based on number of SKU's; our rates depends on the Adspend.
  • Our Google shopping campaign management rates start are as low as 5% of Adspend.
  • Dedicated Campaign Manager for every Google shopping campaign, big or small.
  • FREE Google Shopping Campaign Setup.
  • FREE No Obligation Campaign Audit & Consultation on existing Google shopping ad campaign.


Charges for Google Shopping Ads Management Service

Our award winning Google Shopping Ads Management Service pricing is simple and straight forward with no hidden charges. Google Shopping Ads Management Service charges depend on the Adspend volume and we charge 5-9% of the Adspend or $89 whichever is higher with free Google shopping campaign setup or audit.

Google shopping ads management rates per month with one-on-one support by Google Adwords certified expert.

Monthly Ad Spend PPC Management Cost What is Included?
Up to $1500 9% of Adspend or $89 whichever is higher.
  • FREE Campaign Setup
  • Dedicated Manager
  • One-on-One Support by Google Certified expert
  • Ad Creative
  • AI based Analysis
  • Actionable Reports
$1501-4000 7% of Adspend
$4001-8000 6% of Adspend
Over $8001 5% of Adspend

PPC Campaign Management Pricing Calculator

Slide to match your monthly AdWords budget.

For $ 1000 the PPC Management Cost is $ 90 ( 9% of Adspend )

Google Shopping Ads FAQ

We manage almost all Countries with English language. However our major markets for Google Shopping Management Ads is

  • – US
  • - UK
  • – India
  • - Australia

Yes, we prioritize products as per the client discussion, past performance and optimize product feeds for maximum conversions. Our Google shopping team will optimize the feeds on an ongoing basis. Product feeds are submitted automatically or manually based on the shopping platform (Magento, Shopify etc.) and number of products.

Sure, we will analyze your product detail pages for improved conversions and provide you with recommendations on clear call to actions, design elements, content placement etc. With clear titles and description including brand, gender, age group, color condition etc. we make your products displayed for every relevant search term.

Just contact us and we will get back to you in 24 hours with the details.

No Obligation Consultation With An AdWords Certified Expert

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