Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Integrates with Microsoft Advertising

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Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Microsoft was planning to combine both Customer Insights and Microsoft Advertising earlier. Like said, Last week at the Microsoft Business Application Summit, the integration between the Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Microsoft Advertising was rolled out.

Due to the integration, the advertisers will be able to transfer their customer segments from Dynamics 365 Customer Insights into the Microsoft Advertising. This will be more useful for the advertisers to target Microsoft Search and Audience Network.

What is the use in the integration between Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Microsoft Advertising?

  • The advertisers will be able to get hold of the first-party data

The advertisers will be able to gather the first-party data which will be more useful for them to target their audience. As the cookies have also been segmented it is easy for the advertisers to reach the selected audience who will be interested in your product.

  • The customer segments can be easily managed

By combining both advertising and Customer Insights the advertisers will be able to easily manage and access updated customer segments, all under one roof. This will help advertisers reach their Ads in any destination which includes Microsoft Advertising.

  • Measure across different platforms

This will help advertisers get hold of their audience by showing their Ads constantly on the platforms the user checks in.

For instance; put yourself in the shoes of a seller with online Ads and physical store data, it will tougher for you to manage both at a time. But when you use the integrated Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, you will be able to include your online and offline data all in one place. This will also help to gain customers across channels through their interaction.

 When you combine these both you will be able to easily target your audience no matter what the platform is.

“Unifying this data into a single location enables you to create a limitless set of customer segments to target on Microsoft Advertising and other ad platforms. These segments can be also used on other destinations outside of advertising including Marketo, MailChimp, dotdigital, SendGrid and Autopilot.” – Microsoft Advertising

The customers can be classified into various categories like;

  • a customer has never been to your online website or clicked your Ads but has been appearing to your store to purchase
  • a customer who returned the product they purchased online due to some product issue and never shopped on your site again
  • a loyal customer becomes the customer of your competitor’s products available online.

Let see it better with an example; a customer checked your online store and left but the customer is in need of the product but leaves without purchasing it, in that case as an advertiser you can send a message to the customer over various platforms inviting them to come and purchase again from you.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and how can advertiser gain benefit out of it?


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights are the real-time consumer data that are being recorded online and offline. These data help advertisers know what are their customer preferences, behaviours, their transactions and the offline stores they visit. These data are put together by creating a multi-dimensional profile. Organizations will be able to activate real-time data about their customers throughout their journey. The advertisers will be able to gather insights on analytics, marketing and on the platforms that are being used by the customers more.

"Turnkey integrations with Microsoft and third-party applications — and we’re excited to include Microsoft Advertising as a new destination beginning this month!" – Microsoft Advertising

Customer Match from Microsoft Advertising


Customer Match is a feature that helps advertisers get hold of their customers who have shared their email addresses with them, across Microsoft Search Network and Microsoft Audience Network.

This will boost your performance to your Ad campaigns and take control over the customer data that is being uploaded.

When Customer Match combines with Microsoft Advertising, it will be easier for the advertisers to gather the first-party data and target their audience across platforms.

According to Microsoft internal data normalised at the ad-group level, May 2020, the advertisers who used the Customer Match feature obtained a 120% greater conversion rate (CVR) and 44% low cost per acquisition (CPA).

"Some example Customer match list use cases include:

  • Loyalty programs
  • Credit card holders
  • Rewards club members
  • Newsletter subscribers
  • Greatest lifetime value
  • Recent purchasers
  • Highest spend potential" – Microsoft Advertising

How does the integration between Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Customer Match work?


To integrate the data the advertisers must create customer segments in Customer Insights. This will create a connection between the Customer Insights and Microsoft Advertising. Once this step is processed the customer segments will be available on the Audience page of the Microsoft Advertising interface with the other audience.  These audiences will be targeted on Microsoft Advertising Network.

The advertisers can target the customer segments over all Networks including Facebook Ads, Google Ads and over Microsoft Advertising.

Coming to an end, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights can be a useful tool for advertisers to convert their targeted audience across various networks.  This can be also a great way of fetching customers who left your site without converting or the ones who have been once a loyal customer but abandoned your products for some reason.

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