Why should Passwords for Your Google Account be prioritized?

By Shermy
Google Account Password

Passwords! Have you ever felt why it is so necessary to have different passwords to your social accounts? I often have the habit of forgetting the case sensitive passwords and end up clicking the forgotten password and then in a few days, I don't have a trace of what password I created.

If we get the error saying "Your password is incorrect", it literally makes us sick.

The journey of passwords

We have been riding a roller coaster of changes in the way we set our Google account password. At first, it was just any password that could instantly let you create or log in to your Google account. Then a few years later Google asked to keep the password using case sensitive letters. Again Google asked the users to make the password stronger using special characters in the password.

"But these days? Platforms seem to want 47 characters, capital letters, numbers, ancient hieroglyphics and obscure alien symbols." - YouTube Official Blog page

Google also started to question if you were a robot or a human, and then ask users to identify the pictures of bicycles and cars using blurry images. But now Google has also asked the users to create a unique password for apps they use and Google account.

Google Account Password

Do you think Google keeps doing this for its own purpose? No, Google updates the password to make sure the user information is safe.

Every time when users forget their password, Google asks them to create a stronger password and this is to make sure the user feels comfortable knowing their information is safe.

People these days are well technically equipped and are so much selfish that they don't care about user information. If the user is a YouTube creator then the hacker will find a way to gain money out of it by taking control of the YouTube channel which could be bad news for the creator.

Google recommends its users to build better account security so that they can be worry free and the Google account and YouTube account will be safe and secure.

How to build strong account security for Google/ YouTube account?

Google has given guidelines to make your account information secure so make sure you follow these and keep your Google account safe from hackers.

Passwords that cannot be guessed

Make sure you create a strong password that cannot be guessed by anyone. Keeping your date of birth as a password is the easiest way of getting into your account for the hacker. You can use secrets that no one knows in your password. For instance, you can use the best movie you watched or the name of the song and end the password with numbers and special characters.

"For example, from the movie Jaws... y0uregonnaneed@biggerboat" - YouTube

Password Manager in Google

The Password manager is a feature in Google that helps you check and keep track of passwords that are created for your online accounts. When you create an account on any of the online sites, chrome will ask you if you want to save the password and when you click save the password will be remembered by Google password manager where you can update your password as well.

Turn on the 2-step verification for your Google account

The 2-step verification is the process where your registered phone will receive a text or code saying your account has been accessed from so and so device with the location. By using this feature, it will intimate the user, if someone tries to access their account from a different device or location.

The candy man behind the phishing scam

Phishing scams are similar to poisoned apples; they come in a good form and clearly take control over the user. These phishing scams come in the form of a link in a mail that looks genuine but when you click on the link, your account details and password will be read by the person who sends them.

Coming to an end, like an old story, don't fall for poisoned apples. Taking necessary precautions are better than your Google account being compromised. Google does everything for the goodness of its users, so it is best we follow their guidelines and keep our Google account safe.

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