What are Google's Call-Only Ads?

By Milcah

Google's call-only ads are ads that can only appear on devices that makes call when the ad gets clicked. In general whenever the ad gets clicked by the user it redirects the user to the webpage of the specific site. But in call-only ads whenever the user clicks the ad it makes a call to the number specified by the business.

Call-Only Ads vs Normal Ads

A normal ad has a number of headlines, descriptions as well as sitelink extensions. When the user clicks on to the ad it leads the user to the destination URL. A call-only ad has a business name, website URL, as well as a specified phone number to make a call. For call-only ads there is a predefined phone number, when the user clicks the ad it will make a call to the specified phone number.

For normal ads we'll be charged for someone's clicks on the ad which redirects the user to the landing page of the specific site. For call-only ads we'll be charged when someone clicks the ad which redirects the user to make a call.

Normal ads are generally provided with sitelink extensions. Sitelink extensions are clickable link which takes the user to the specific webpages on the site. On the other hand call-only ads are provided with a callout extension, location extension which is just a normal text without the links.

A final URL in call-only ads is an optional one which allows the user to visit the landing page of the site and also allows making a call.

How Google's Call-Only Ads Works?

Call-only ads suits best for business where there primary goal is to drive phone calls. In call-only ads we can use both the own business number as well as the Google Forwarding Number. Call reporting in Google's call-only ads uses Google forwarding Number to measure the performance of call-only ads by tracking the details of the call so that we can count them as conversions.

Calls where the duration meets minimum requirement that we initially set in our account for conversion should be counted as one phone call in reporting.

For example if we setup minimum call duration requirement as 30 seconds and someone clicks on the ad and makes a phone call for a duration of 1-minute to our business then it was reported as one conversion.

What are the 3 Ad Extensions for Call-Only Ads?

Ad extension allows us to provide additional information about the business in the ad. This in turn may increase the click through rate of an ad. The 3 ad extensions for call-only ads are

  • Location extensions
  • Callout extensions
  • Structured snippets

Location extensions - Most searchers clicking on call-only ads will be looking for local businesses. In location extensions we can provide information like address or areas that the business covers. So the users can able to know where the business providing their services.

Callout extensions - Callout extensions provide flexibility in giving more detail in an ad, and it is the most used extension with call-only ads.

Structured snippets - In Structured snippets we can provide information about the best part of the business. So we can attract the users with the available services we have.

How to Optimize Call-Only Ad?

Targeting right keywords allows us to drive more useful calls. Creating a perfect call-to-action induce the searchers to click on to the ad. Ad scheduling plays a major role in optimizing call-only ads. We can optimize to run ads based on the prime time where we can get more number of calls. For restaurants we can get more calls during the weekend so we can run more ads on that time in turn we can get more conversions.


Many people want to connect with the business providers when they are researching or tend to buy a new product. Using call-only ads we can connect with these types of users and deliver them right information.

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