Resubmit/Appeal Disapproved or Limited Google Ad Creatives Easily Now

By Guna
Resubmit/AppealDisapproved or Limited Google Ad Creatives Easily Now

Google Ads has introduced a new feature that enables advertisers to appeal policy decisions directly in Google Ads interface. The Google ads advertising policy exists to ensure high quality ads are being served across the platform. But sometimes,the same policy disapproves the ads of advertisers with good intentions. To empower every business get their ads up as soon as possible, this new feature allows advertisers to resubmit the ad immediately after fixing the policy issue.

"Our advertising policies exist in order to protect users, advertisers and publishers from bad actors and ensure only high-quality ads are served across our platforms. But we understand that sometimes well-intentioned advertisers make honest mistakes, and we want to empower every business to get their ads up as soon as possible."Say's Google.

Direct Appeal Policy - Google Ads

According to new feature, the advertisers can resubmit an ad immediately after fixing the policy issue. Advertisers no need to leave Google Ads interface for appealing against the decisions.

Until now, advertisers are required to go through the support team to appeal a policy decision. But now, this new feature allows resubmitting an ad quickly and can monitor the status by simply hovering over the ad. Also agencies managing Google ads will find it easy for fixing their disapproved bulk ad creatives easily.

Direct Appeal Policy - Google Ads

Just hover over a disapproved or limited ad, to see whether the ad is eligible for approval. If so, appeal link will appear. After appealing, the status can be monitored by hovering over the disapproved ad. You can always view the status of the disapproved ads in the Google ads Policy manager.


Due to the evolving Covid-19 situation, appeals will take longer than usual

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