PPC Management Checklist of 2020 - Powerful Points for Action Plan

By Shermy
PPC Management Checklist of 2019

Aplan that is being designed to achieve your PPC management goal is a strategy. A strategy decides the profits and the loss to your business.

Here is a small list of basic strategies of 2019 followed by a very few PPC Agencies for better PPC management. Mark a Tick if you have already made use of them and if you haven't then it's time to implement these strategies into your business.

  • Have you got your bid management under control in PPC management?

Bidding management is the most important key factor that decides the visibility of your ad on the top searches.

Have you got your biddings modified from time to time? When was the last time you adjusted your bidding? If you haven't then this is the right time.

Always remember, bidding has to be modified on a regular basis. Bidding leads to more number of clicks. An effective bidding budget always decides the top positions in the search network.

If you are unable to supervise your bids, don't you worry! Google Partner Agency will handle your bids efficiently.

  • Are you making use of ad rotation in PPC management?

If you are a person who is relying on a single ad for promotion, then it is like waiting for rain in the mid of summer.

Create multiple ads in a campaign for active promotions by rotating your ads. When you rotate your ads, it will automatically appear on the search network and the display network.

Here is the procedure by Google ads, to set up rotation for your ads.

"Sign in to Google Ad > Campaign >All campaign > Settings > Additional setting > Ad rotation (choose between optimize or rotate indefinitely) > save the changes."

By using this ad rotation, you can stipulate how often your ads should be served in the network.

  • Have you made use of Negative keywords in your PPC campaign?

Usage of negative keywords is more important to increase your ROI. If you are not making use of negative keywords, then you will lose in irrelevant clicks. For instance, if you add a word "Free" as your negative keyword and if you don't provide free service, by this way you won't appear if a person searches for "free" services.

These negative keywords will save your money in ads and helps you in better targeting. For better use of negative keywords get the help from a Google Partner Agency.

  • Have you set up retargeting for your PPC campaign?

Retargeting is the latest method followed by many Google Partner Agencies. When a visitor visits your ads and leaves without making a conversion, this is where retargeting works! It brings backs the customer by showing up your ads while they surf and turn them into a potential customer.

In simple words, retargeting or remarketing is getting hold of the visitors, who visited your website and left without buying anything.

If you have followed these strategies, then you deserve five golden stars. If you haven't then it is time to implement them into your PPC management.


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