How does Keyword Refinement help your PPC Campaign to perform better?

By Rupa
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Keywords are the most important part of a PPC campaign. They are words or phrases that describe your services and also determine when and where your ads will appear. Keywords match your ads with the terms people are searching for.

But not all keywords you target in your PPC Campaign will work. So, this article will go through the importance of keyword refinement & cases where the keywords would be better off paused.

Why is it important to refine keywords?

Choosing relevant & high-quality keywords for your advertising campaign to ensure that you are only reaching the individuals who are most likely to be interested in your product or service and purchase it is important.

This will enhance your ads' performance and you can avoid paying more money if you have a strong keyword list. Poor keywords may ultimately result in greater costs. By adding, modifying, or eliminating keywords, as well as by altering their match type, bid, and other factors, you can enhance your sales while reducing your costs.

E.g. You have reached the point where you must determine whether or not to pause the keyword if the keyword you are employing for your Google Ads is receiving lots of clicks but no conversions. And if it has been given a good chance to perform but is still driving up your ad cost, you should pause the keyword.

Scenarios to consider when you should Pause the Keyword

Keywords that spend more but do not convert

Some keywords do not lead to conversions. But causes the ad cost to increase, which in turn leads to the budget being spent very quickly without any ROI. So look for keywords that in the past 30 days have resulted in spending but no conversions. Then these high spending non-converting keywords can be paused immediately which in turn helps us to double down on your best keywords. There are a few scenarios where you can reconsider whether to pause the keyword immediately or wait for a few more days

  • If the keyword is very relevant to that campaign.

  • If the keyword has been performing well but has stopped making conversions within 7-30 days.

In the above cases, check the bid, ad text, or landing page efficiency.

Keywords that have high CPA

In this scenario, these keywords have conversions but their CPA exceeds the Target CPA. These keywords will only have a few conversions but high spend which causes their CPA to increase since CPA is calculated by dividing the total ad cost by the total number of conversions. So find keywords in the past 30 days with a CPA greater than the target CPA. Then pause the keyword. But before you pause the keyword you can consider,

  • If it is the only keyword in the campaign that brings conversions.

  • If the keyword is very relevant to that campaign.

  • If the keyword had more conversions but has started decreasing within the 7-30 days period.

Similar to the above scenario, check the bid, ad text efficiency, and landing page efficiency.

Ad text Efficiency

Check how effective your ad copy is? Refine & improve your ads if it is not effective.

Landing page Efficiency

Check whether the landing page your keyword directs to performs well. If not, update your landing page by making it more friendly and improving the page speed.


Converting a user into a potential customer is the primary objective of operating a Google Ads campaign. Advertisers use high-converting keywords to get people to click on their ads, and they are required to pay Google for each click to maximize conversions. Therefore, it should be quite evident that your investment is useless if your campaign isn't leading to any conversions or only a few conversions overall. So first check the Ad text and Landing page Efficiency and if still there are no conversions, pause the keyword.

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