Google Updates the About this Result Feature in Search Results

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About this Result Feature in Search Results

When a person searches for a piece of information on Google, he might end up seeing much more relevant information to the text he typed in within a few seconds. There might be even results that one has just imagined in their mind but hasn't typed in the Google search box. With the results, one might wonder how they appear and Google is able to fetch the information. Some might even end up getting different results that don't even match the search query.

Google has introduced the About this Result panel feature in the Search for the users to identify whether the search results are relevant or useful to their search query. This will help the user in identifying whether the result matches the query.

The "About this Result Panel" on the Google search result page

This is a quicker way to learn more about the surfaced results for your search query. The About this result panel will be in the form of three dots next to most of the search results.

"When you visit an About This Result panel - the three dots next to most results - you'll get even more information about your results to help you make sense of the information and figure out which result will be most useful."- Google

About this result in google

Filter out useful and relevant information

Information is not worthy if it is not relevant. Google has millions and millions of information and from that, fetching the wanted information can take ages. But with the new feature, you will be easily able to sort out the information you need.  Google has a strong search system that will do the job for you but if the query is given wrong the entire information can be misled.

The search results appear based on various factors. Some of these factors are quite simple whereas some can be a bit tricky.

"About This Result will show searchers information about some of these most important factors used by Google Search to connect results to their queries. Because just as these factors help Google decide if a result may be relevant, they may also help people decide what result is useful for them."- Google

Result panel in google search

Factors that will appear on the "About this Result panel"

You might have come across some pictorial examples showing the factors that appear on the "About this result panel" and here we are about to dig a little deeper into what factors they are.

Matching keywords

Google checks if the keywords that have been typed in and the keywords on the webpage matches. If it does Google will show them in the search results for queries for that particular keyword.

Related terms to the keyword

Google also displays the web pages that are related to the search terms. For instance, if you search for how to bake a cake in the oven, you will also get results relating to baking in a cooker or steamer or recipe for cake making.

Looking at links

Google also looks into the links that might be related to the search query. For instance, if a blog holds a hyperlink to a particular website that sells oven then Google will fetch that blog in the search results marking it as relevant to the search query.

Local relevance

Google looks into the location from where the user searches and will pull the information related to that particular area or city.

For instance, if a searcher wants to know the local holiday Google finds that piece of information with the help of location.

Results that do not match the search query

Have you ever come across a situation where you searched for tablets and you end looking at tablet brands? This happens as they have the same spelling but different meanings. For a better understanding of what is being searched for, Google uses the "About this Result panel" to adjust the setting according to your search.

"The About This Result panel will also spotlight useful search tips to help Google better understand what you're trying to find. The panel will show you search techniques or settings you can use to modify your search to get the results you're after."- Google

For instance, if you have searched for a query in English and you end up finding Japanese results will be irrelevant when these kinds of issues appear make sure to adjust the setting in the About this Result panel to avoid appearing in the upcoming searches.

Let me explain in another scenario, imagine you are searching for "jogging shoes" and you end up getting recommendations or results relating to "running shoes" well that could be inappropriate.

Results that do not match the search query

The new features will help you find the desired result you were seeking. For your search query to be more accurate make sure to add quotes to the query and if you wish not to see any information then add a minus symbol before the word you wish to avoid.

When you use the About this result feature, it will help you get more related information to the Google search query you typed in.

"From being able to quickly check information about a source via About This Result to getting helpful notices if we feel results aren't particularly relevant or if they're rapidly changing, this set of features aims to help you find what you're looking for and also be equipped to better evaluate the information that you find." - Google

Google also has mentioned that the "About this result" feature will be rolled out in the language English and in the US. It is expected to be introduced worldwide in the upcoming months.

Coming to an end, this new feature will help users fetch results that are relevant to their search queries. This will help the users know if the webpage they are about to enter is safe. With the help of the "About this result" one might be able to easily identify the information that is relevant and the ones that are irrelevant to the search query.

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