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Google has been constantly helping its users with effective tools that help them achieve their goals. In that way, now Google has rolled out a set of four new bidding features to help the advertisers in reaching their goals on Google Ads.

In the last update, Google surprised us by changing the entire method of classifying bid strategy likewise this time Google has rolled out four new useful features that would help users save time and yield better conversions.

As you already know Smart bidding is the key to a successful Google Ads account. When Smart bidding is combined with some effective tools like Broad match and Responsive Search Ads, it is easier to achieve your goals.

To manage the bid strategies and to drive better performance to your Ad account Google is bringing in new bidding features that include,

  • Top signals for Target ROAS and Maximize conversion value
  • Seasonality adjustments at the manager account level
  • Use of Recommendation Page
  • Know how your performance is using Target Impression Share simulators

Top signals for Target ROAS and Maximize conversion value

Top signals is one of the customised metrics in the bid strategy report that shows the most relevant type of bid strategy for your Google Ads account.  Top signals shows the status of the bid strategy report by highlighting the sections where bids have been automatically optimized for the users who have less probability to convert.

"For select conversion-based strategies (Target CPA, Maximize conversions, Target ROAS, and Maximize conversion value) this feature highlights some of the dimensions where the bid strategy is automatically optimizing your bids for visitors who are more or less likely to convert. Top signals may include, but are not limited to, device type, location, day of the week, time of day, keywords, or your remarketing and Customer Match lists."– Google Ads

This will also help you in finding the factors that help your campaign perform well and also indicate the broader marketing strategies for your Google Ads account.

Google also informs that the top signals can be used for the Ad accounts that use Target CPA and Maximum conversions.

Top signals are available for the Search campaigns that make use of Target ROAS and Maximum conversions.

“Top Signals may not always show for a specific campaign or portfolio bid strategy depending on conversion volume and the relative impact of the signals considered.” – Google Ads

Seasonality adjustments at the manager account level

You might know that Smart bidding uses machine learning to set the bids for your Google Ads account to perform well during an auction.

Seasonality has both advantage and disadvantage, in that way this is automatically added to one of the strategies where the users can expect a shift to the conversion rates. These conversion rates can be drastic during a launch of a product and during the sale.

What to do when you are stuck in a situation where seasons contribute the most in your Google Ads account?

Make use of the seasonality adjustment tool which helps in the prediction of changes to conversion rates during some situations like a product launch, sale, etc. This tool will also help to identify when to promote a product or when to conduct sales.

Google beautifully explains it with an example, "if you’re expecting conversion rates to increase by 50% during a 3-day sale, you can create a seasonality adjustment that increases the conversion rate by up to 50% for those 3 days. At the end of the sale, Smart Bidding can instantly go back to pre-sales behaviour without the need for a ramp down."– Google Ads

In simple words, Google allows you to set seasonality adjustments where you can set a conversion rate that will help you during any upcoming launches or events.

To make it even easier Google has allowed its users to set the seasonality adjustments to manager account level and this will save your time from creating it for individual accounts.

Maximum Conversion value bidding with recommendations

Google has given an entire section for helping Google Ad campaigns to perform better which is known to be the recommendations. These recommendations help you by suggesting tailored methods to improve your campaign performance.

Google is providing new suggestions on the recommendations page to get hold of maximum conversion value bidding. These suggestions will help you reach more conversions within your budget.

The recommendations page will be available only for eligible Search campaigns.

Know how your performance is using Target Impression Share simulators

Simulators are one method of finding how Target bid and budget can impact the performance of your Google Ads.

Google Ads simulators is a tool used to predict the performance of your Ads. When you use Smart bidding combined with the simulator it will help you know the future performance of your Google Ads when you change your CPA target, ROAS target or even the daily average budget.

Simulators are of two types Manual CPC bid simulator and Smart bidding simulator.

But this tool was only available for the bids based on conversion and clicks. Now Google has planned to expand the simulator tool for Search campaigns using Target Impression Share.

It is indeed clear that using the new Target impression share simulator users will be able to clearly define how the target impression shares impact metrics that include cost, clicks, etc.

Coming to an end, Google has brought in these four new bidding features saving the user’s time and also by helping them achieve their goals.

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