Google Recommends Highlighting Customer Support Methods in Search

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Customer Support Methods in Search

Customers often end up searching for contact details when there is an issue or query regarding the product. But they find it difficult to get the contact info for their searches and end up disappointed.

To help customers from being lost Google recommends the advertisers to highlight the site's customer support in Google Search.

Best Practices to help customers get hold of businesses in Google Search

Google has recommended a few ways to help people reach a particular business without being lost.

"In turn, following these best practices help ensure that people are directly contacting a business, rather than reaching a third-party claiming to have an authorized relationship that can't be verified. It also helps Google direct people to correct support mechanisms, such as listing a company's support telephone number rather than a general switchboard number." - Google

Include a contact or support page on your website

When you create a site it is mandatory to create a page or space for the contact details to be added. If you already have a site then, make sure to add a page for the contact details. So that it might be useful for the customers and the spiders to access your contacts.

For instance; if a person visits your site to buy a specific product or they have a query on your products then immediately one would check for contact details, so it is best if you align the contact details on the very bottom of your page or add them in the menu in a way it is noticeable.

Choose from the list of customer support methods

You can choose which method of support from the below list.

  1. Email
  2. Chat
  3. Social Media
  4. Telephone
  5. Other methods

You can choose from these various methods in helping the customers to reach you.

Make sure to add a pre-recorded voice in the absence of a phone number

If you do not wish to add a phone number, make sure to add pre-recorded support information that will guide your customers through.

"This helps Google have an official number to show for people who assume there is one and may help prevent third-party numbers that might suggest they offer official support from appearing instead." - Google

If you have a third party to offer support do mention it

Make sure to mention the authorized support on the contact page so that it is clear for the spiders to identify.

If you do not have a third party authorities kindly mention it on the support page.

This will also help customers from knowing if there is anyone else who claims to be you or pretends to be your business.

Featured snipped using no snippet

A page with contact support is the best way to increase the chances that the helpful information will appear in the featured snippet. Google shows the most relevant information related to a site in the featured snippet and if you have information that you do not want to be added in the featured snippet then you can simply data no snippet tag. This will prevent the piece of information from appearing on the featured snippet.

Create Google Business Profile for local businesses

If you own a local business and you do not have a site make sure to create a Google Business Profile which can be done for a free of cost. But make sure to add the contact details in the profile, so that it will help your customers to reach you.

Coming to an end, contact support helps the customers gain trust in the business. So make sure to add any piece of contact information to your site that will be useful for the customers and for the Google bots to identify.

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