Google Ads Rolling out Click Share for Search Campaigns - March 2019

By Shermy
Google Ads

Google Ads has introduced a new competitive metrics for Search campaigns. This metrics is named as Click Share for Search Campaigns. The Product Manager of Google Ads has made a note that this Click Share will be available for all campaigns, Ad groups and keyword level for search Ads campaigns in the upcoming weeks.

Click Share for Search Campaigns

What is Click Share?

"Click share is the estimated share of all achievable clicks that you have received and is available only for Search and Shopping campaigns." - Google Ads help

This metrics allows you to identify where there is a lack of performance and you can concentrate particularly on those areas to improve your clicks.

For instance:  If you have received 50 clicks and your click share is 50%, the estimate of another 50 clicks that was expected to have obtained would have been gained if you had more extensions, better bids and increased budget. If you have a Shopping campaign, it would have been because of a number of products in the search query.

The lesser click share, the more ways you can improve in apprehending additional clicks

Best Practices Suggested by Google

  • Continue the use of CTR for comparing Ad copy performances.
  • Impression share is more important in gaining clicks.
  • Make use of Click Share to identify click growth opportunities using more extensions or higher bids or an increased budget.

Click Share data

Click share data is available in a few levels in Search and Shopping campaigns.

In Search Ads Campaigns

  • Ad Campaigns
  • Ad group
  • Keyword Level

In Shopping Ads Campaigns

  • Product Group
  • Campaign
  • Ad group
  • Shopping Attributes.

In early stages, Click Share was only available for Shopping Campaigns, but now they are available for Search Ads Campaigns as well.

Coming to an end Impression Share and Click share make a good team for your search and shopping campaigns.


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