Generate More Quality Leads in Google Ads using Intent

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Quality Leads in Google Ads

COVID-19has made us shut the doors to the world. People now are broadly in search of services that are available at their door-step. In a recent survey by Google/ Ipsos, it is shown that 32% of US consumers have made the online purchase to brands that they have never purchased before. This survey clearly paves the way that it is a greater opportunity for businesses to get hold to new customers.

Google has come forward to help businesses find quality leads at a shorter time frame. It has brought in the new lead forms for ads so that businesses can get hold of their customers while they watch YouTube videos or even while they check their mails.

"Today, we're sharing ways to help you do that on Search and beyond—with foundational tools that tap into the power of intent, ad formats that help you find qualified leads, and measurement solutions that optimize for lead value." - Director of Product Management, Small Business Ads

Know the Fundamentals

Revising the fundamentals is necessary for generating leads. As customer's demand keeps shifting it is important to come up with the right set of queries to ask them. From the time the pandemic started people started showing interest in certain terms that include "small business loans, video conferencing, online learning, etc", so it has become a necessity to refresh the fundamentals. Here is the list of fundamentals that has to be updated.

Tap into intent

Adjust your goals according to the changing trends. A good pair of broad match keywords with smart bidding would be a great combination to crack the scenario.

Reach audiences with Discovery Ads

People out there are mostly surfing across YouTube watching videos, checking emails and more, which means they are constantly using their phones and other devices being online. This gives you a great opportunity to reach those 3 billion people using Google machine learning and understanding their intent.

Create ads that articulate brand value

People are in search of new brands, so this is the right opportunity to express your brand value in the form of unique messages to users and a strong call to action in your ads. Google also advises to use a variety of ad extensions, that will turn into a lead.

Set your campaign bids and budget according to shifting demands

To catch up with the shifting demands you will have to set the campaign bids and set the budget according to it. Use optimization score and performance planner to go along with the evolving market.

Where to find Qualified leads for Google ads?

"Consumers now prefer to use more varied methods to communicate with a business. In fact, our research from March shows that one in three shoppers would rather buy from a company that provides a wide range of ways to reach them—like web forms and calls." - Google

Google has built lead focused ad formats to connect people along to the businesses they are in search for. This format will extend the limit of ads to call ads and lead form extensions.

Leads in Google Ads using Intent

The famous brand Jeep used lead form extension and came up with tremendous leads more than tenfold.

"According to Jeep, this extension also generated leads at the most efficient cost among all ad platforms." - says Google.

Call Ads

There is one more feature Google has recommended for businesses during this pandemic, that is the call ads feature. This feature is a golden opportunity for those who rely on leads out of phone calls.

Call ads appear in a way that the person will make a call to your business to know more about it. In simple words, if a person wants to gain information about a particular brand this call ads will help them get hold of their business.

If you wish to show your products information, you can include "visit website" with the website link.

Google call Ads

Once you start getting leads you have to convert them into sales. Every lead is important so make sure you connect your leads into campaigns. Google has planned to make it even easier for you to convert offline so that it takes less time to integrate with customer relationship management (CRM). As this feature is not available now, Google also informs that they will roll out this feature in the upcoming days.

Out of many companies, ZenBusiness, a start-up company, helps many businesses in importing offline conversions. These conversions are being combined with smart bidding to acquire high intent consumers. It is also said that the company has increased its customer acquisition year after year.

"We're now able to devote our time to more impactful areas like ad copy testing, conversion optimization, and growing new channels." - Zach Rippstein, VP of Marketing for ZenBusiness.

When your leads are optimized into campaigns, it can be also used with Customer Match, which lets you connect online data with offline customers. In the last few months, Google has made it easier to use a customer match. So now you can achieve similar audiences with the previous customer match data. This will help you attain potential customers.

Google has also improved customer match rates so that you will get real time data.

Google Ads using Intent

Resources for generating quality leads

In this pandemic, it is important for businesses to watch for leads, generate and finely manage them. If you are finding it difficult to do so, Google has provided a resource where you can get answers to your question at the Advertising solution center. Google has also promised to roll out videos on their new products in the Advertising solution center in the upcoming days.

Coming to an end, the epidemic is no more a piece of hot news to be spoken about; people have started living with it, so are the businesses. Google is playing a great role in helping businesses who thought they would never even survive. Google has simplified everything making it even easier for businesses to make use of them. So keep a track to the announcements given and put them into practice to overcome the situation.

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