How to Effectively Manage your Google Ads Campaign during COVID-19?

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How to Effectively Manage your Google Ads Campaign during COVID-19?

COVID-19has made a disaster in the economy we live in. It has doomed many leading industrial sectors. Now, all we have in our mind is to keep our family safe from the deadly spread. Are you worried about your businesses, your ad campaigns, the future if you think you can do nothing right now, well think again.

Google has taken a certain initiative to help businesses to manage the situation where the global economy has been completely disrupted.

Can you manage your campaigns even during a lockdown?

Yes, you can. If you ask us how, well here it is,

We know that all the businesses are facing unique challenges so here is how to adapt to the new digital marketing strategy.

How to manage your Google Ads campaigns?

To manage your Google Ads campaigns you will have to adapt your campaigns according to the dynamic digital market right now. Adapting to the situation is necessary because the pandemic has completely changed consumer’s interest, the way they purchased, their habits and even their expectations. To fulfil these new behaviours you will have to adapt to a set of new challenges that include a change to the supply chain, physical store visit, etc.

Google has come up with three stages in the recovery process of your campaigns which includes,

Manage your Google Ads campaigns


Every business has to respond to the situation making quick heal decisions according to consumer behaviour and fluctuating marketing. So responding to each and everything will help you rebuild your business back to form.


Make a plan on what you can do right now to recover from the situation. This change of plan even could be from the scratch of laying the marketing fundamentals to measuring the returns. When you rebuild you lay a pathway to the recovery.


Recovery takes time so keep up with the digital marketing practices to sustain growth in the industry.

Know where you are

Before starting the recovery process you should know where you are, in this huge digital marketing world. Each business is unique, so identify where your business is right now. Your business could be anywhere among these categories,

  • Is your business experiencing new challenges?
  • Is your business put to a situation where you have to reassess the way you approach?
  • Are you in a situation to create new offers or new ways to catch up with the consumers?
  • Are you focusing on the most demanding product categories or markets?

Know the trends people search for

Google has brought in a new tool, Think with Google to identify consumer preferences. This is an interactive tool that can fetch data regarding retail categories, what people search for, their geographical location and much more.

You can also use Google trends to catch up with the current search trends related to your business and the real-time insights of it.

Checklist for Google Search Ads to adapt to the dynamic market condition

  • Give respect to the audience feelings and put your words accordingly.
  • Beware of words that hold double meaning or promising words such as “protection, virus, prevention, etc”. Do not add these kinds of words on to your ads.
  • Hide delivery and local services so that the consumers will ask for it.
  • Do not provide an accurate shipping date or delivery date, as the delivery could take a few more days to reach due to the pandemic.
  • Update the ad extensions. Make use of site-link extension so that the consumers will directly land to your website.
  • Update the working hours.
  • Check your mobile-friendly version of your website and update the core function of your site. Optimize the mobile page so that it is always fast, secure and easily accessible.
  • Use Think with Google tool to know the preferences of the customers.
  • To know the trending terms, make use of Google Trends.
  • Make use of ad scheduling to control when your ad appears.
  • Get to know the top-performing campaigns based on demographics and geographies.
  • Make use of ad campaigns that yield ROI in a short term period.

Checklist to get better results out of Google Display Ads campaigns

  • Check when your ads get appeared with the help of ad scheduling.
  • Target the location where you can provide your services, this excludes lockdown and reduced hours of operation.
  • Stay connected to your existing customers by using the remarketing method.
  • Use smart bidding.
  • Use smart display campaigns to get hold to new consumers and save time in ad creation, targeting, etc.
  • Keep up with the trends and insights.
  • Use responsive display ads to fiddle with your campaign according to the changing market.
  • Make use of maximize bids or maximize clicks to gain better performance within your defined budget.

Checklist to adapt your Discovery Ads campaign during the Pandemic

  • Alter your campaign budget according to the need for the business. For instance, “supply chain uncertainty, uncertain demand.”
  • Use the target CPA bid strategy to control the cost you spend. To view the recommended target CPA you can use TCPA simulator.
  • Like other campaigns use location targeting, to focus on the places where you can provide your services.
  • Turn on the campaign-level conversions to drive better results. Campaign-level conversion is a valuable action for your business.
  • Determine the assets that are highly performing using the asset report.
  • Go over the Discovery ads creative guidelines.
  • Make use of audience expansion to get hold to new consumers.

The above said are the ways you can effectively manage your Google Ads campaigns during the pandemic. The outbreak is not going to stay forever but we sure do not know when this crisis will be resolved. So it is important to stay flexible in adapting to the dynamic market and also by staying connected with the consumers.

Coming to an end, focus on adapting your digital marketing strategies by reconsidering your business priorities, finding new ways to connect to the consumers, creating and improvising new tactics.

If you are finding it difficult to bring back your campaign, we are here to help you. Get hold to us for a Free Google ads audit.

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