8 Reasons Why You Should Outsource your PPC Management to a White Label PPC Agency!

By Sivanesh
8 Reasons Why You Should Outsource your PPC Management to a White Label PPC Agency

Jack, who is a Managing Director of a PPC digital marketing agency, had always dreamt of making his company to stand out from the crowd. Since he bought a duplex villa the previous week, he doesn't have huge savings to invest in the business. His girlfriend planned for a hang-out at beach resort for the upcoming vacation. So, he should work in a flexible time schedule. Jack Sparrow was too anxious. Later that day, he met his old friend, Peter parker. It was a turning point in his career. Peter parker suggested him to outsource his PPC Management to a White Label AdWords Company.

Jack : First of all, what is White Label Google Ads? Who can outsource to a White Label Agency? Why should I outsource to a White Label Agency?

Peter : Let me explain!

What is White Label PPC?

On behalf of your brand name, White Label Agency takes care of your client's Ad accounts, campaigns, monthly & daily reports and much more. Also, it's completely legal.

Who can outsource to a White Label Agency?

  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Start-ups
  • Consultation Companies
  • Social Media Optimization & Social Media Marketing Companies
  • Web Designing Companies

Digital Marketing Agencies

A digital marketing agency provides different types of services, which should be handled efficiently & smoothly. With a White Label PPC, you can expect a top-notch services as there will be dedicated manager support & experts to handle the job.

Advertising Agencies

We are living in the Internet era, and it's high time to advertise your business in online platform. Companies who follow traditional advertisement can seek help from White Label providers to get better results.


Start-up companies always need a pat on the back to go forward or else there will be more failures. As a start-up company, you would have to reach the potential audience. With White Label solution, you can get precise information of your target audience, so that your product or service is delivered at the right time.

Consultation Companies

Being a consultation company, you are responsible for sending reports to your clients. When the work is in the hands of a White Label Agency, then you need not worry about the client needs or about creating PPC campaigns. Everything will be handled effectively.

Social Media Optimization & Social Media Marketing Companies

For companies those are responsible for providing Social Media Marketing & Management services, but couldn't manage the time can rely on a White Label PPC company. They will effectively handle your client's campaigns on behalf of your company name.

Web Designing Companies

For clients who ask for both Web designing and better traffic for their new site, you can handle the PPC management work to aWhite label marketing agency. They will help you yield better revenue every month.

Jack : Wow!!! Interesting man! But, can you explain me why I should contract out my PPC Agency to a White Label Management Company right now?

Peter : Sure dude, there are 8 Reasons why you should outsource to a White Label PPC!

  1. Google Ads Certified Experts

The work is done by experts & you need not feel insecure about the result. These experts know the target audience, their likes and dislikes and more factors which will help your campaign to be a successful one.

  1. Be Wise & Spend Less with High ROI

When you hire a White Label PPC for the work, you just have to pay for services, sit back and enjoy the results. What happens if you don't hire one? You will have to spend on hiring the employees, training them, make facilities for them, provide them with necessary tools and pay them for the job. So be wise in reducing unnecessary expenses when you can pay only for the services.

  1. Time Management

The time taken to see live results is less compared to the job done by an in-house. You will get effective results in a shorter period.

  1. Less Risk Involved

When the work is in the hands of a White Label PPC Company Label PPC Company there are very few changes in risking the connection between you and your client. The third party involvement is never transparent when it comes to showing results. All the credit goes to you and only you. It is a little secret work between the company and you.

  1. Better Results & High Conversion Rate

With the hands of a White Label Agency involved you will be able to get better leads, convert more revenue. This will also reach your brand name to better heights. This will also save a lot of money building an in-house team.

  1. Exclusive at work

Choose a White Label PPC company that is ready to work for you and not for your competitor company. There are a very few companies who do a job like that. It is better to choose companies like that from the list.

  1. Flexible to your work

A White Label Management can be flexible according to the services you need. Some might need the complete work to be done and some would require only a few services. So the services can be tailored according to your needs.

  1. Dedicated Managers Support

Every work done in a White Label PPC is taken responsibly by dedicated managers who look through the job and then proceed. Everyone under the dedicated manager is answerable to him/her. So there will be no chances for voids to appear on your way.

Jack: Cool! Peter parker, now how do I identify a White Label Partner?

Peter: To choose a White Label PPC agency, make sure to go through their website and find the feedbacks and the previous work done by them. If you find it difficult to identify, then make sure to look into their credentials.

  • The badge you are looking for will have a red label indicating a Premier partner of Google.
  • Check if they have a communication center
  • How long do they take to respond
  • Check their working hours
  • The location of the business
  • Their pricing models
  • Tools they use
  • What are the platforms they work on?

Peter : And, I highly recommend you to outsource your PPC services to whiteDigital, a White Label PPC Agency. Feel free to contact them & fill the form on their site.

Jack: Hurray!!!! I'm super excited. Let me check their site now!


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