$340 Million Google Ad credits to aid SMBs sustain the COVID 19 Crisis

By Guna
$340 Million Google Ad credits to aid SMBs sustain the COVID 19 Crisis

As Corona virus has been striking harder day-by-day, most of the Small and Medium sized Businesses are affected. Keeping this in mind, the tech Giant, Google has announced $340 million ad credits to be deposited in the Google Ad accounts of the SMBs. This can alleviate some of the cost required by a SMB to stay in touch with their customers.

How an SMB is identified?

Google has a global team that is designed to consult and assist the needs of SMBs worldwide. Google is working with SMBs worldwide from local stores to companies with hundreds of employees and many locations.

Eligibility of Google Ad Credits for Small and Medium Businesses

Eligible customers are Small and Medium-sized Businessesthose who advertised directly with Google or through a partner, and adhere to Google advertising policies.

1. Small and Medium-sized Businesses who have run Google ads in ten out of twelve months of 2019, and in January and/or February of 2020.

2. The business can be globally present anywhere.

Those businesses that haven't spent anything in 2019 fall ineligible to receive this Google ad credit.

Number of Google Ad Credits

Each business is liable to get one Google Ad credit. Even if you advertise with multiple Google ad accounts for a business,or multiple campaign types within an account,only one Google ad credit will be applied per customer.

Amount of Google Ad Credits

Based upon the past Google Ads spend, and the country & currency where the business and Google Ads account is set up, the amount will vary for each customer.

When will be the Google Ad credits received?

Starting in late May, Google will berolling out the ad credit. If you are eligible, the Google ad credit will be applied and you may receive notifications.

Validity of Google Ad credits

The Google Ad credits must be used by 31st Dec 2020. After that, the Google ad credit expires and any unused credit will be removed from the Google Ads account.

How will it work?

The Google ad credits 2020 are available for the future ad spent in Google across the search, Display and YouTube campaign types. This is not applicable to the past or present invoices or billing from Google ads.

What happens if your account is managed by Agency?

Even if your account is shared under an MCC account, you are still eligible. The Google ad credits are shared only in the account level not on the MCC basis.

Are Agencies Eligible?

Even if the agencies advertise their own business can receive the Google ad credit satisfying the eligibility criteria.

This program is likely to strengthen the bond between Google and SMBs and may appear as a give-way of the past earnings from SMBs.

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