How Facebook advertising Impacts Your SEO Results

By Cynthia
Facebook advertising

Facebook adThe search industry is always in a question about how social media influences SEO. Social media SEO means how social media activities can enhance your site's organic traffic. This topic never gets old. Social media is significant for SEO in several ways. It not only makes your SEO works effectual but also profitable. Yes, social media and SEO may seem like two different topics, but that they help each other.

But, contrary to general belief, social media doesn't contribute directly to search optimization. To simply put, social signals don't help a website directly to rank better. The links that you share on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest can make a brand popular, but they are not seen as a ranking signal by the search engine.

Before deciding to completely overlook the social media giant with 1.4 billion active users, take a breath. All your efforts are undoubtedly significant, and Facebook is great for building relationships with your customers and brand awareness.

Yes, indirectly, social media does have a positive effect on a webpage's ranking. There is a correlation between the number of social signals of a website and its position in the search result page.

Facebook advertising

Now it is clear that social media has a huge impact on sales. Social media sites offers enhanced brand loyalty, better brand recognition, high conversion rates, more possibilities to convert, and better ranks in search result page. Keeping that in mind, now a question: what can Facebook ads do for businesses? With 51% of Facebook users being more prone to purchase from brands and 78% of a brand's Facebook fans being current users of the brand users, you must start optimizing your business's Facebook account.

How Facebook ad and SEO are related?

Though Google isn't indexing your posts regularly, your Facebook page and SEO are related indirectly. For example, if your number of website visitors increases due to search engine optimization and you have a link somewhere in your Facebook page people will likely check your Facebook ad. If they like your posts, they will start following you and probably share your information with their friends.

With time, the SEO technique you used to attract customers to your website can help you keep on attracting followers, and you may get more shares on Facebook. This can build a fostering relationship with people in your industry, as well as target customers and existing customers.

Facebook ads and SEO techniques

How can Facebook ad increase your SERP rankings?

As discussed above, Search Engine SEO can drive people from your website to your Facebook page. And the opposite is also possible!!

For instance, when Facebook users see one of your ads in their News Feed, they may like it, and decide to follow you. After coming across more of your posts over the following days, they may get the interest to learn more about your business.

That is when they will go to your website. Once done, they will start engaging with your blog and maybe even linking to your website from their own. When you get high-quality links, Google will move you a little higher!

How Facebook ads Impacts Your SEO?

Back to the topic, as discussed, there's been an ongoing debate about the impact of social signals on the search rankings of websites. However, the main argument is that social media directly doesn't affect your SEO.

But, it have an influence on the factors that do affect search rankings such as traffic, which means it indirectly affects your rankings.

In this post, we will discuss some important facts about social media and its impact on your Search Engine Optimization.

Lets now see how to optimize your facebook profile to make more people see your facebook ads and convert to customers.

What's in here?

  1. Drives website Traffic
  2. Facebook profiles Rank in Search Engines Result
  3. Improve Your Content Reach
  4. Social media Platforms are Search Engines
  5. Local SEO

1. Drives website Traffic:

Website traffic is considered as one of the key ranking aspect. Social media affect your website's traffic by offering more visibility to your contents.

When many people share your posts within their networks, they are likely going to send more traffic to your site and therefore, boost your search rankings.

2. Facebook profiles Rank in Search Engines Result:


You might have seen this already. Your social media profiles aren't just limited to social media; they also rank in SERP. They are significantly visible in branded search result on the first page of Google search result page. By creating social media profiles and optimizing your Facebook page, you can boost your search visibility and drive more traffic.

Facebook is a front-page material. Search in Google for any famous brand, from Coca-Cola to Google, to even if the search engine doesn't count links from social media sites a well-designed and intended Facebook page will rank on its own. In fact, it can help you claim a more significant percentage of the front page results yourself. If you have optimized Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages, along with some SEO ads, and a completely optimized site, you are looking at occupying up to six spots on the first page!

3. Improve Your Content Reach:


Social media is an outstanding channel to make sure your content reaches as many people as possible. On Google, people will find your contents when they search for a relevant keyword. But on social media, you will be getting your content in front of people who don't even recognize that they needed your content.

Better content reach can translate into high-quality site traffic which, will again, affect your rankings. Once someone shares them on social media, it will likely get shared over and over again.

4. Social Media Platforms are Search Engines:

Nowadays, people don't just use search engines to search for stuff. With strong search functionalities, social media platforms like Facebook also serve as an important search engine. There might be people who discover your page, profile, or content through social media search as well.

This is why it is critical to optimize the contents in your social media pages with relevant keywords to boost your online visibility. You can use some online tools to look for the keywords your rivals are ranking for, and those that get them clicks.

This will give you some idea of which keyword to use to gain more customers for your contents in social media search results and drive more clicks to your website. If you are new to this topic, it is better to take the help of a white digital agency.

So an individual's names; you will likely see a Fb link on the first page of search results.

5. Local SEO:

Local SEO efforts also pay off with social media efforts. As you know already, your NAP, the name, address, and contact number of your company play a vital role in local search rankings.

Local SEO

If you retain consistent information across all of your website and listings, Google will consider your company as more credible. And that can improve your rankings in local search results. This makes it crucial to use the same NAP info across your local listings, social media profiles, and website.

Additionally, some Facebook platforms let you tag your location to your posts and stories. This is an excellent way to get more visibility among local searches, helping you expand your online reach.

The reviews and comments on your Facebook pages will also help you attract local customers.

A recent survey found that 86% of customers read reviews about local businesses before visiting them. So, as you have discussed above, your social media profiles will show up in search engine results and show snippets of the review.

This can attract curious local audiences to visit your Facebook page.

We cannot predict what Google will do next!

If there is one thing we can all be sure of in the world of online marketing, it is that change is unpredictable here, especially when it comes to search engine algorithms. This search engine being the most used among others, regularly update the way they rank websites, often without any warning to provide the best user experience possible.

As a result, anything can happen. However, social media is one big part of the Internet, and Google is well aware of it, so that is not going to change. Someday social signals may play a role.

Take away:

As you can see from this article, social media play a crucial role in your SEO strategy, although it may not directly boost your rankings. It generally works by gaining your content and brand more visibility, which will drive more traffic in turn. Creating a Facebook profile for your business, and managing it efficiently has enough value on its own. If you need help to improve your site's SEO, create an engaging social strategy, or anything else to boost your online presence, contact a white digital company! Our talented team at Submitinme is more than happy to assist you with all aspects of your Internet marketing.

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