Facebook Rolls Out Paid Online Events to Help Small Businesses

By Guna
Online Events to Help Small Businesses

COVID-19 has completely killed the market, leaving nothing behind even for small businesses. Most of the small businesses have been dragged to the initial point from where they started. Seeing the struggle of small businesses, Facebook has launched Paid Online Events, where it allows businesses, creators, educators, media publishers to earn money by creating online events on Facebook.

Paid Online Events on Facebook

Facebook allows page owners to create an online event, set price and collect returns out of these events. These online events can also be promoted via various sources. COVID-19 has brought in a rule to stay away and stay home and there is no other way to connect businesses with its customers rather than making business online. Bringing services online can connect business with its existing customers and new ones.

"People are also relying on live video and interactive experiences more when they can't come together physically. In June, we saw live broadcasts from Pages double compared to the same time last year, largely attributed to broadcasts since March." - Facebook

Now businesses can host events on Facebook live to reach a better level of audiences. Facebook also has informed that they are testing online events through messenger rooms as well. So a personal and more interactive gathering can be seen in the upcoming days on Facebook messenger rooms.

What can businesses do in a Facebook Paid online event?

Businesses can use Facebook events or Facebook live to host their services, expert advice, trivia events, podcasts, cooking videos or cooking classes, fitness tips, classes and so on.

What are the countries where Facebook Paid online events are available?

United States United Kingdom
Italy Germany
Canada France
Poland Australia
Mexico India
Brazil Sweden
Netherlands Norway
Czech Republic Hungary
Singapore Spain
Ukraine Belgium

These are the countries where Facebook Paid online events are available. Facebook has also listed a number of policies to be eligible for hosting an online event. But once a page meets the partner monetization policies they can charge for their online events. Facebook has also given a link where you can check if your page is eligible for monetization.

What are the partner monetization policies?

Facebook has set some policies for small businesses, pages, etc. Facebook Partner monetization policies are,

  • As a monetization feature is available to the broad public, Facebook has defined that content Paid on Facebook but consumed by third party sites comes under the policy of being monetized. Facebook personal profiles are ineligible for monetization.
  • The Location from where you host the event. Facebook has given a set of countries (that are mentioned above) where Facebook Paid online events feature is available. They have also clearly mentioned that you are not supposed to move from the location where this feature is eligible, if you do so there are more chances for yourself being kicked out of the monetization.
  • The page should have followed the Community standards that include rules against hate speech, call for violence, sexual harassment and much more.
  • The content should have followed the Content monetization policies which include extremely deep restrictions on the content, format, etc.
  • In the Paid online event, the content shared should not be flagged or false information. This includes sharing click-bait links as well.
  • It is important to share only the original content. Content that is reproduced is ineligible from being monetized. "Affiliate entity content distributed by third-party providers, such as multi-channel networks or social media agencies, may be considered original content." - Facebook Monetization Policies
  • You can only monetize if you use the straight and hard way of gaining followers. If you use artificial boosters for followers or views and fake engagements then Facebook will remove your page out of monetization.
  • Facebook has a set of rules for making and receiving payments, you should come under their policies. You can check the payment terms and conditionshere.
  • Whether it is content on your page or group or event, it should follow the page-specific terms, group-specific terms and event-specific terms to monetise.
  • If you want to host a Paid online event or Facebook live, you should have been an authentic user for at least for a period of 90 days. If you wish to upload in-stream ads you should have a strong number of Facebook follower base.
  • If you are a Govt official, well you are not eligible to be monetized on Facebook.
  • If you are in a political party then you cannot monetize. "However, in the United States, the branded content tool may be used in branded content posts if the paying partner has been authorised to run ads about social issues, elections or politics." - Facebook Policies

If you have followed the above said Facebook partner policies for monetization, then Congratulations!!! You are eligible to be monetized.

Paid online events for free

"In our most recent State of Small Business Report with OECD and World Bank, we found that access to cash continues to be the most common ongoing challenge for SMBs. Only 19% of surveyed businesses were getting any financial help (down from earlier in the pandemic). Many businesses are struggling and every cent matters. Shifting in-person events to online is costly enough that businesses shouldn't have to worry about fees charged by platforms." - Facebook

Facebook will not be collecting any fees for hosting Paid online events for about a year. By this way, they support and help small businesses and creators gain some revenue to withstand their business during this pandemic.

Facebook has also requested Apple to reduce 30% of app store tax. They have also asked to allow some discounts on Facebook pay that can help businesses decline charges on businesses that are finding it difficult to survive during this outbreak.

"Unfortunately, they dismissed both our requests and SMBs will only be Paid 70% of their hard-earned revenue. While Facebook is waiving fees for Paid online events we will make other fees clear in the product. (Updated on August 14, 2020 at 1:07 PM PT to clarify where we will explain the fees.)" - Facebook

Coming to an end, Facebook has committed itself in helping small businesses bring their business online and gain returns out of it. So if you are one of them, grab this golden opportunity and help yourself out of your drowning business.

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