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Google Award Winning (Feb 2016) Agency Partner

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Awarded for growth and innovation in
Asia's top agency Partners Feb 2016

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Profitable PPC Campaigns by Google Adwords Partner Agency in India

Get the highest ROI from your Google adwords campaigns. Let your adwords campaigns managed by award winning Google partners in India. We create and manage successful adwords campaigns for you that deliver business. Ranked by Google as one of the best PPC companies in India, we have won the award for excellence in PPC management services. We were selected among the top 10 Google adwords partners in India for the year 2016 for best PPC Management.

"For us PPC is not about bringing in traffic, but bringing in business"

Why whiteDigital for PPC Services in India?

Google Adwords Agency Partner

As a google adwords agency partner in India we directly work with google Adwords experts and create PPC marketing campaigns that bring in worthy business. Google Agency Partner Link

Google Certified PPC Experts

All our PPC marketing campaigns are handled by a google adwords certified PPC experts who have experience and knowledge in the Industry.


Trust is the most important factor as you share vital business information and spend thousands of dollars on PPC campaigns. We are a Google Partner Agency and proud member of NASSCOM which is the association of the IT & IT enabled services sector in India who follow ethical guidelines.

Adwords Management Rates

We offer a FREE Adwords setup to new business & do a FREE Adwords Audit to existing accounts. You will receive expert consultation at no cost from Google certified experts.

Our PPC Management rates are as low as 6999/month or 6% of Adspend depending on campaign spend.

Our Credentials

  • Award Winning Google Adwords Partner Agency – Google Agency Partner Link
  • Google Adwords Certified Experts for Search, Display, Mobile & Analytics
  • 300+ PPC campaigns with Crores in Adwords Ad-spend
  • Dedicated PPC experts for every PPC Campaign Management
  • Member – NASSCOM, ISO Certified

Get a FREE 30 minute one to one session with an expert

Google Award Winning Trip to Bali

Our PPC management rates start as low as 6999 ($99) with FREE PPC SETUP or FREE PPC AUDIT. We offer dedicated managers for every account, who are google certified adword experts.

GET A FREE 30 minute one to one session with an Expert


$99 /mo




  • PPC campaign Setup/Audit
  • PPC Networks
  • PPC Campaigns
  • Search Campaign
  • Call Only Campaign
  • Remarketing Campaign
  • Display Campaign
  • Video Campaign
  • DSA Campaignnew
  • PPC Campaign setup
  • No of Campaigns
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Ad Groups
  • Keyword Research
  • Goal Setup
  • Conversion Rate optimization (CRO)
  • Conversion Tracking
  • PPC Ad Creatives
  • Text Ad
  • Mobile Ad
  • Display Ad
  • Ad Extensions
  • Site link
  • Callouts
  • Call Extensionnew
  • Location Extensions
  • Review Extensions
  • Structured Snippet Extensions
  • App Extensions (If exist)
  • PPC Campaign Management
  • Keyword Refinements
  • Bid Management
  • Ad Copy Refinements
  • Ad Scheduling
  • Device Bid Optimization
  • Location Bid Optimization
  • Search Query Analysis
  • Campaign Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Weekly Report
  • Monthly Report
  • Support
  • Email
  • Chat
  • Phone
  • Expert Consultation
  • Hours Per Month
  • FREE
  • Google Adwords
  • 2
  • 6
  • Weekly
  • 1
  • FREE
  • Google Adwords + Bing Ads
  • 6
  • 12
  • 4
  • Daily
  • 2
  • FREE
  • Google Adwords + Facebook Adverts + Bing Ads
  • 12
  • 25
  • 8
  • Daily
  • 4

GET A FREE 30 minute one to one session with an Expert

Important Details on PPC Campaigns

Apart from being an award winning Google Adwords Partner Agency, we adapt a blue ocean strategy focusing on profitable keywords which are discovered through human intelligence with the aid of unique tools. We work closely with Google adapting to the new trends in adwords and make use of the research data from Google for adwords campaigns. For example 15% new queries are performed every day. We keenly watch the data and identify new queries that are profitable to our clients before anyone does. We have improved the conversions significantly to all our clients and have a CRR(Client Retention Ratio) of over 85%.

Currently we offer FREE PPC campaign evaluation to existing PPC accounts and FREE Adwords Setup to new accounts. We offer a NO Obligation 30 minutes initial Adwords consultation to understand client needs and advise them accordingly. This comes no strings attached. Also we offer the best adwords management rates starting 6999/month for fixed plans. We also offer percentage based charges depending on the volume as less as 5-8% max. All our staff working on the adwords campaigns is Google Certified.

We offer Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Amazon Product Ads & Retargeting with a number of other media partners. Our Flagship product is Google Adwords Search Ads, Mobile Ads & Display Ads.

We have a flexible revenue model which offer both fixed pricing and variable pricing based on the Adspend. Following are our rates

Fixed rates

  • Adspend Up to Rs.50, 000($900) Charges Rs.6999 ($99)
  • Adspend from Rs.50, 000($900) – 150,000 ($2200) Charges Rs.9999 ($149)
  • Adspend from Rs.150, 000($2200) – 300,000 ($4500) Charges Rs.19999 ($299)
  • Above Rs.500, 000 Custom quote

Flexi Rates

  • Adspend Up to Rs.50, 000($900) 8% of Adspend or minimum charges.
  • Adspend from Rs.50, 000($900) – 150,000 ($2200) 7% of Adspend
  • Adspend from Rs.150, 000($2200) – 300,000 ($4500) 6% of Adspend
  • Above Rs.500, 000 Custom quote

It depends on the nature of business, for example we have an entirely different PPC Campaign strategy for an ecommerce business compared to a local dentist. However, we ensure PPC campaigns with Highest ROI by implementing the below process for every campaign.

  • Right Keywords, Right Targets, Right Locations & Demographics
  • Analyze and strategize based on Search Impression Share & Competitive Metrics
  • Keyword specific Ad Groups for Maximum Quality Score
  • Test, Test and Improve the Ad Creative based on clicks & conversions
  • A/B testing of Landing Pages for higher Conversion rates
  • Bid Management, Device & Location based optimization
  • Negative Keywords & Keyword Refinements
  • Track Impressions, Clicks & Conversion and optimize for MAX ROI.

We are now focusing on DSA (Dynamic Search Ads) and compare the results with various Ad Networks such as FB Ads, Bing & Double Click. We are developing an algorithm to identify profitable keywords across various search engines using the search query data.

We are one among the top 10 Google badged agencies in India who were awarded for growth and excellence by Google.

  • We are a proud member of NASSCOM for 4 years now.
  • We are ISO 9001:2008 certified agency.
  • We are a certified by BING
  • We are an Amazon partner for sponsored Ads.

We work closely with Google who conducts meetings, seminars and webinars on a frequent basis. We subscribe to latest technology Journals and follow industry leaders. Our staff participates in Google Adword forums, follow & subscribe groups related to PPC. We have internal discussions from time to time where we exchange knowledge on latest trends.

PPC services are just budding and will boom in a couple of years in the Indian market. Every brick and mortar business is going online and not everyone is on the SERP's (Search Engine Result Pages). The fastest way to acquire new business base is only by PPC especially Google Adwords. Not to mention the fact that Internet have reached the nook and corner of every Indian town, business are more likely to be done with ease of smart phones and Internet. We see an exponential growth in Mobile PPC in the coming years. We foresee a very bright future for PPC services in India.


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